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It's wet out there


New Member
Hello all,
I am being prompted to post somthing so here goes.
Like the rest of you guys here in the Great Pacific North West i'm
waiting fot the weather to dry so i can get the hotrod fired up and
do a little road burning.In the mean time the car is tucked away and
dry.When it warms up a little more i hope to make a couple improvement/
upgrades on it.Some how,sence i had the rear axle narrowed(many years ago)the left one is a tab bent.Don't have a clue how that happened and
it is hardly noticable but it's bent.I plan to send for a set of axle from one of the speciality places as soon as i pull them and get measurements.
Any hint on who to go with from you guys with experiance would be nice.
I've always likes American torque thrust wheels.The plan is to put a set on the rod this summer also.
So anyone out there in the Seattle area?I'm on the east hill in Kent.
There are quite a few real hot rods in the nieghbor hood.There is a show and shine at the Wall-Mart Fridays when the weather is fair or better.
But,if any of you can't wait,and need to do some bench racing or just plain bragging time give me a shout.
Well thats enough for now.See some of you out there i hope!!:lol:
Get out the ole Kodak and make a pic or two we like pics. You might know a friend of mine Jim White he was the mayor in Kent for quite a few years. Jim and Edna are great people.
Welcome and enjoy your stay.
Welcome !
After 30 years of the NorthWet I totaly understand the rain thing . .
Used to be in Kirkland. Now in Las Cruces New Mexico for five years.
Don't you worry after the 4th of July you should get at least 60 days of sun !
Lets See That T!

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