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Got these from a guy in Ill ... should look bitch'n on the front of the T ... I hope ...

Nice score! I'll never stop missing my wires. NEVER!
Cool :bubble:
Just hope I haven't bought something that looks good, but I can't use. The brakes are Airheart 150 ... Go-Kart brakes. A couple of the bolts were missing, so I called Airheart to see about getting a "hardware package". The guy I talked to was less than pleasant. He said I should have bought the entire caliber, rotor, piston,hardware kit from them and I wouldn't be having this problem. Yea, over $1000 just for the brakes ... I paid $350 for the brakes, wire wheels, tires, bearings center caps, etc. ... just missing a couple of bolts. Was not fun talking to these guys and when I asked for instructions sheets for installation, he kinda said I was on my own ... and good luck.

We will see ...
Fred, the way your car looks now is better than it ever has in its "past life". I really like the latest look!

Here's a nice set of Wire wheels

There are Airhearts out there, many years ago Midget racers used them. Like any newest/best idea they were replaced with a newer/bester. A few years ago when I was building a midget they were out there and pretty much uselsess (4 corners for about $100-$150). Just a heads up.

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