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Just found the website - In Missouri


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Just found the website. My son and I built a T roadster a few years ago. Power is a rather un-conventional 215 all-aluminum Olds. Styling is kind of "lakes roadster"-ish.

I have a T body I'm looking to sell. It's the front half of a '26-27 touring...nice doors, hood and grill shell. All steel and not bad for 80 years old.
Nice looking ride you have there.How much are you looking for for the touring?Any pics that would help.What kind of body is that on your "T" looks to be stretched a bit.More pics if you have them.
Thanks for the compliment.

I'm asking $1000 for the steel touring body and other parts. I've been the caretaker of it long enough so may consider offers that are near that price.

The body on my roadster is just a cheap MAS body and isn't longer than stock to my knowledge. I don't know if I have any other pictures. The car was put together and has never been "blown apart" to clean and paint everything, since I hate that pesky sort of "detail" work. To me the fun part was the building process, and of course the occasional flogging/drive:lol:

Oh...forgot to add in my response that I did post an ad in the classified section here that includes a couple pictures of the 1/2 touring and parts.

Welcome to the site, Lynn.

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