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hello i am new at computers & fairly new with tbuckets . i purchasedd a 1927 tbucket partially built & would like to finish it . now i am retired i can dedicate myself to doing that . along the way i will be needing help & advice & i hope this site will help me thank you bk's-t​
Welcome aboard bk! Great group of folks here with lots of hot rod knowledge, and even some about computers! We do have a rule though... you must post pictures of your T!! We'll give you a few days to learn how (we can help with that, too!), but after that you will be subject to merciless hounding until you get some photos up.
welcome to the site bk's-t. you will find this site to be one of the most used tools you have.

Welcome to the forum bk's-t, just to let you know you're one of a large number of retirees here. A lot of us have our problems with computers but help is always a post away. As for problems with your bucket just ask we live for it. I won't go into the picture thing but the sooner you get one up the sooner they will get off your back and I'm included in that. One last thing with our growing numbers post up your location you may find that you have a fellow member living around the next bend in the road.
WELCOME Take it from a retired guy, you'll love it here!
Welcome to the fold!:welcome: There is so much info here and GREAT people too. We love pics and questions.

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