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Just wanted to show some progress


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Well I finally had a few days to work on the bucket, been traveling to Thailand alot for work these past few months and I finally had a few days for myself. Here is what I was able to get done. I got the drive shaft together, the fan shroud and water hoses on, gas tank and battery box mounted and plumbed, Lokar shifter is in, Trans cooler mounted and the overflow tank mounted. I finally got my chrome trans pan and Lokar trans dip stick so I put those on also. I updated my picture gallery with more current pics.:swim: Do you ever get to drive these things or just work on them forever?:eek:
Umm, John, I hate to rain on your parade, but you really should have some flexible tubing between your tranny and those hard lines to the cooler. Even if you have solid motor and tranny mounts (I hope you don't), there is going to be some flex between the tranny and the frame, and the movement will work-harden and eventually snap those aluminum lines.

Also, I assume you're going be adding some frame clamps to those hard lines.

Just lookin' out for ya, bud!
Thanks guy's, I am not using hard mounts and what you cannot see in the pic is there are 3" sections of rubber hose on each line before they enter the trans cooler. I have a mount that will attach to the frame and support the lines, It will provide enough support and allow the flexability needed to prevent cracking. I still have to finish sanding and nickel plating it. You will see it on the next set of update pic's.

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