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Well I finally took the leap and bought a project. Now the fun begins. I picked up a bucket (pun intended) of parts for what I thought was a pretty good deal.

Parts that came with purchase.

body - mounted
pickup box - mounted not yet glassed in.

Jag rear end - 1987 with 2.88 and posi
Front I beam axle - unidentified year see pic (no longer being used was traded for a distributor)
Complete 350 from a 90 pickup - will be rebuilt - (traded to machine shop for 74 truck block with manual fuel pump boss)
4l80e from another pickup - will be checked, cleaned, smoothed, painted and used (Traded to trans shop for 700r4)

The plans so far are for a driver, I love to beat on the things I build, it may have some flash here and there but over all it will be built to cruise around in.
The first step is the hardest. Congrats on getting your feet wet!:D
I'm so jealous you got a Jag rear end with your parts... man they look great on a T...


A great source for parts, information, etc is Concours West located Castle Rock here in Washington State... take a look at there website:

I look forward to seeing the build develop!
Man am I jealous! Looks like you got a nice setup to start with! I can't wait to get a bucket body sitting in my garage. That Jag rear end should be worth quite a bit as well and should ride NICE! ;)
Jags are really cool on the back of a bucket. They tend to mesmerize the guy following you though. I think the coolest one I've seen was when the guy replaced the round half shafts with octagonal ones. In the sunlight they twinkled, very cool.

Gotta give the love to the Jaf rear. Looks like diamonds dancing under your car!:D
Well not a whole lot to update but I have made some progress/changes.

Engine - all parts are ordered block is at machine shop awaiting pistons for final hone. Specs - 1976 sbc 350 bored .030 over, forged flat top pistons (9:1 cr), 882 heads with mild clean up work, Comp cams XE262H, Edelbrock eps intake and Holley 600 vac sec carb.

Transmission was changed from a 4l80e to a 700r4 since I was not going to mess with trying to sort out electronics. I picked up all the overhaul parts this week along with the service/build manuals. This is the next project once the engine is built.


Body has been pulled of the frame and hung from the ceiling for space.


The rear end has been mostly disassembled and cleanup will begin soon (I just got my parts washer). The mounts are currently being created by a member here (not sure if he wants me to mention his name or not!!)


Thats all I have for now. Hopefully I will have a new front end for it after the swap meet next weekend.
Keep building that pile of parts. The more you have when you start the quicker the project goes together. Good luck at the swap meet!!

Just some gee whiz info. I had a Comp Cams 270H in my T 350 inch motor. It had a nice thump at idle and drove real well..
A little more to add.

Rebuilt the rear calipers for the jag (Saved $550) $285 a caliper and the rebuild kit for both was $25 :lol:

Opened up the rear end to check things out, gears looked damn near new. Cleaned things out, closed it back up, one less thing to worry about!

Started tear down on the transmission, realized the "green" solvent is not good for transmissions as it likes to leave all the gunk on the surface, so have to replace with the good stuff.

Cleaned up the frame a bit, removed extra brackets previous owner had installed.
Brain...Should have your Jag kit in the mail buy Friday. Did you find an axle yet? Are you looking for a tube or an 'I' beam? Let me know, maybe I can find one for you.

Sounds good.

I am looking for either. I like the look of the I-beam, swap meet is this friday so I should know by the weekend if I have an axle!

Pistonbroke had a lead on one from a 30(or so) Model A. I will see where that leads as well.
Figured I would do a little update.

Since my last post in here, here is what has happened:

First I made some more room in the garage:

bucket 002 small.jpg

Finished up the transmission rebuild.


That was pretty interesting but surprisingly not all that difficult.

Next was the engine: nothing to fancy just a mild sbc build.


Then I started on the brackets and such. These were/are a chore. But I am making progress, here are some of them cut and shaped, now I just need to start drilling holes.


I still have a looooooong way to go but one small thing at a time!
good deal,It been a few years but i have done a few trans rebuilds it is a very interesting process. always cool to learn how some thing works and see how it actually does it.

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