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Lets start with front suspension

Spanky, have you got one of the green one with the big block from NTBA? I think the guys name was Cecil or Ceesse or something like that. I have always liked that one but can’t find one.
Spanky I took the photo of Ceec sleeping in Carson City NV and he swore that he was not sleeping....But I had the evidence...……..LOL...….
I think even if you were to paint the shocks and tie rod black they would blend in a little better, but it is one nice looking little hot rod. You could always try something different in the future but drive it the way it is. When you step on that loud pedal you kind of forget about most other things.
You may be able to switch the spindles left to right so you can run the tie rod lower but you would need to get a new attachment for the drag link so it's a little higher. Or just paint it black and it won't be as noticeable. As for the shocks you could make or buy some friction shocks or there are some lever hydraulic shocks you could use.

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