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Hope this is the right place What about headlights? What are best? How/ where do I place them to be legal? I have a set of caddy taillights. can i mount them in a strip under the tailgate?
Check the regulations of your state as to mounting height. Myself, I prefer mounting mine low (18.5" to the center of the lens). I fabricated my own mounts using 1/2" thin wall conduit 90's, some 2" exhaust tubing and a piece of 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" x 1/8" angle. The wiring is all hidden inside the mount. As for the lights themselves, Speedway has a nice selection. Here are a couple of pictures that might explain things a little better.



As for the tail lights, I see no problem with mounting them under the tail gate. In fact, I think that is an excellent place. Just remember that there are no rules in building a T except what your state or province mandates. The only person that you have to please is yourself.

You can either buy currently made headlight assemblies, of which there are lots of models, or you can shop at swap meets or Ebay for a cool set of old headlights and use those. Back in the 50's and 60's there were a bunch of companies like Guide, Dietz,KingBee, etc that were cranking out different kinds of headlight assemblies so that people could update their old cars to sealed beam headlights. These have a lot more charm in my opinion than some of the current stuff, and are sought after to a large degree, so some bring big money.

Anyway, most of the lights, either reproduction or old stuff, have a common stud mounting system that either allows you to mount them to a dished mount or a flat topped mount............adapters usually come with the new ones to fit both style bases. Sometimes you have to get a little creative and modify the bases a little for a tight fit so they don't move around on you, but generally it is plug and play.

Also, if you pickup an old set that were sealed beam and they were 6 volt, single headlight 12 volt bulbs are exactly the same size so they go right in. I think the law used to be that the headlights had to be so many inches high (something like 24") but I have never seen that law enforced, plus, many of the new cars being built are lower than 24 inches high, so I wouldn't sweat it.

Here's mine. just some cheap headlight brackets and some homemade brackets for the A taillights.



When I built a bucket in California in the early 60's I followed the advice of a guy at work that drove a 22 dodge bucket and bought a copy of the DMV regulations and studied it and memorized the sections that would apply. I had to move my headlights up a couple of inches and farther apart to meet the then current regulations. When I was stopped I always had my DMV bible in my hand with the paperwork tucked inside After a while the cops said " I just want to look at your car." On one T I used original model T headlight cans and trimmed down the cans out sealed beam buick lights and brazed them inside the T lights and installed the bulbs , the fit was good, 70's ford pickups with the single round bulbs have small cans that might work. I haven't tried them. one project in the shop has a set of 1910 brass carbide burner lights that I will convert to electrics.

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