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making a top

first let me say that i build just about everything on my t's. i even have an old cal automotive '23 t mold if i want to make my own body too. i have several t bodies so i haven't used it yet. to get to the point, i have made several metal frame t tops before. not really very hard if you have the space and time. i even know how to make it with very minimum sewing involved. just the bottom where it attaches to the body and the rear window. anyway thats a tech story for another day. what i would like to make is a fold down one. like an original, but made of just tubing and not the wood bows and formed steel. my question to all of you fine tbucketeers is, does anybody have a drawing of one with the type of swivels to make it fold down? i just can't seem to get my mind around how that works. i know that a stock top has a few more cross bars and has a different look than the fad t type which is the type i want to make. the stock one looks ok on t's, but i like the fad type better. i think if you have a long frame car they look better with the fad top. i suppose i could go to some events and get an eye full, but i just don't see to many fold down fad t style tops or maybe go to a stock meet. any help?
Go to this website:

Go into thier online catalog. On page 106, towards the bottom, there is a picture of one of their top kits. This company makes authentic Model T stuff. The picture will be of an original setup. I'm not sure how clear it will come out, you may be able to enlarge it.

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I like to build all of my stuff too Flatheadgary. I plan on building an aluminum top for my car. Of course, I have to build the car first. Hopefully that will start sometime later this year. Right now I am collecting information and trying to decide how I want to do things.
For folding top info look at Time Machines Unlimited
They have a lot of pictures of the folding tops that they make for 1932 fords. If you need additional info, I have a Plymouth Prowler that has a very slick design for a folding top that I could take some pictures of.



i think i see how the rear bows fold, but where does the long one that goes to the front fold down. is it hinged in the middle of the thing or what? if not, wouldn't it be to long once folded down? oh wait, i think i get it. it would fold at the connection point at the back and then just go down kinda like a roll bar around you. right? no wait a sec, what happens to the header over the windshield once it is folded down. wouldn't it go right across were you sit?

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