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Miss Fortune update!


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Yea, finally got off my butt, so here are some new pics. The changes are small. Mainly upgrades. I got a '23 grill shell and finally got it put on. I still have the '31 that flatheadpete gave me and I'll be able to swich out whenever I get bored. The next thing was the aircleaner. I got a plainer one recently and I'm checking to see which looks better.

Engine with old aircleaner:

New aircleaner:

I also added a pair of chrome hydralic shocks and thicker radius rods about a month ago.

So, like I said, just a few changes or upgrades. Opinions are welcome on which aircleaner looks better. Of course, you realize I had to take a test drive. Gotta make sure stuff works!

Next week, I'll drop off the radiator to repair a small leak and I hope to install the new seats I got, so stay tuned.
It looks really good I like the first air cleaner better.
It looks really good I like the first air cleaner better.

Yea, the old one has a "drag" look, while the new one is a little retro. I got it from Speedway. My main reason for liking the new one is it's simplisity. Plus, if I ever get caught in the rain, I won't get water in the carb,
I also plan on getting a red metal flake steering wheel as a Christmas present to myself.
Fred: I like the 2nd. one. It just seems to fit the old time flavor of the car.

It reminded me of the one on Grabowskis "Lightnin' Bug" version of his T. I'm a sucker for that car. Still got the Rodders Journal on my coffee table opened to the page of it. Since summer 2007!
Glad to see that you are back in the game Fred. Your changes are small but great, if that makes sense to you.

How are you liking the wider front tires. Other than looks.
How are you liking the wider front tires. Other than looks.

Well, she seems to track better and they work great with the new shocks but....... damn I miss those wires! To me, T Buckets always had a dragster look to them. All the ones I admired when growing up had wire wheels. They just give them a "reckless and dangerous" look. Kinda like a rebel. I can't begin to count the number of people who were amazed at the front wire wheels. So, if it wasn't for the ride, I'd go back with wires.
I've also looked at bias ply tires for the retro look, but the ride quality would for sure be sacraficed. There's a very good reason tire companies went to radials. The combination of the tires I have now, the front brakes and the hydralic shocks make for a VERY smoothe ride and she stops on a freaking dime. Hell, it's so good, I may get a cup holder! Just kidding.
She's looking great Fred. :thumb:
Nice looking, Fred.

Personally I prefer the new air cleaner. The old one looks out of place to me.
If you went back to wires and did even more to give it the drag look then the old one would fit in.
Then again people freak out over non-traditional radials. I'll run radials. I'd rather be safe than period perfect on a non-show car.
Just my opinion. But that's what makes these things personal to us.

Glad to see more progress.
BTW... You are the reason I found this place. Thanks.
If you are so worried about the "traditional" look, then you'll need to get rid of the disc brakes when you decide to go with bias ply tires. I say, safety and ride are much better than "tradition".

The bucket's looking good Fred. I like the new breather much better. I was looking at that one the other day. I think it would go much better with the M/T valve covers than the small chrome one that i'm running now. After seeing it on yours i just might order one.

Hey Fred! Yep, It's me, Swimeasy, now also on this board. I like both breathers, so I would say run them both and swith them out as ya feel like it. I have always done that with valve covers and breathers and sometimes change plug wires and things like that. I just pollish-clean the stored parts when I don't have the dough to work on anything else. The neighbor sees the plastic mock-up blocks on engine stands and thinks that I change out motors all the time- kinda funny!
Lookin good Fred. I'd stick with the second air cleaner, more old skool.

Thanks for the input, guys. I'm pretty well sold on the newer air cleaner. I guess it grew on me. I'll switch out when I get bored. I recently installed a pair of seats. You'll NEVER guess what they were originally intended for. Pics tomorrow.... weather permitting. My cheapo cam needs good lighting. Hey, what can I expect for $50.
Can't wait to see the seats. :thumb:Fred, I'm in Huntsville now, when the weather gets nice we should arrange for Miss Fortune and Becky to get together.
Okay, I guess I had enough light today. The seats are from Ebay and they were meant for a boat! Each one flips forward and is mounted seperately, so if I need to get underneath either, I can do so without removing both. Price was about $70 for the two. I have yet to do the sides, but I'll get to it soon. I also plan to install a pouch behind the seat backs to store maps and such. Along the sides of both seats, there is a little space and this will hold a small assortment of tools. each pocket will have a removable cover.

The seats look small but actually are perfect. Both in proportion and comfort.


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