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Miss Fortune


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A friend is a word that often gets used to the point of being redundant. Meaningless. What I have discovered in this brotherhood, is that TRUE friends abound and they are REAL. I am truely greatful. Thank you all so much. Man hug to everyone who has been there with me in this journey.

Listen and watch this clip. You old guys, like me, will smile. You younger folks will be curious, but you'll smile too as you hear the words. I am so grateful to have friends.

[ame=[media=youtube]6FMq0iDX1yE[/media] - Joe Cocker - With a Little Help From My Friends (Woodstock)[/ame]

I can't tear apart Miss Behavin' because the city of Houston needs to look at her and do an estimate, but thanks to some friends on this site and another, I was able to get some replacement parts to repair the obvious.

Thank you.
Thats what this site is all about friend that may never meet but you know they are thinking about you in bad and good times. Thank you and good luck with Miss Behavin
I am 46 years old had sisters that where older so know this music.
I remember Woodstock, I was to young to go, but I still loved the music. I had forgot how bad Joe was his air guitar impressions was. :eek:
Friends are all you ever need Fred, everything else will work out!
I'm so sure that had it been one of us instead, you would have done no less than we have. Godspeed Fred.


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