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monday morning music....


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We made all the hot spots. My money flowed like wine
Then the low down Southern whiskey, yeah, began to fog my mind
And I don't remember church bells, or the money I put down
On the white picket fence and boardwalk on the house at the end of town
But boy do I remember the strain of her refrain
And the nights we spent together, and the way she called my name
I bet you were thinking of Rooster with this pick.

Oh, and today is Tuesday.
Makes you wonder if it was a psychadelic trip.
Hmmmmmm...psychadelic trip:D
does this help?
same group,different song....

Spotcheck Billy got down on his hands and knees
He said "Hey momma, hey let me check your oil all right?"
She said "No, no honey, not tonight
Comeback Monday, comeback Tuesday, then I might"

I said Juanita, my sweet Jaunita, what are you up to?
My Juanita
I said Jaunita, my sweet taquita, what are you up to?
My Juanita
and the names are?
First song, Chicken Dance by Little Feat
Chicken Dance??????
I suppose you wanted Dixie Chicken? I was thinking of Rooster.

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