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My 26-27 T build

I figured I'd better post a few photos of the project I got rolling. What I have is a '26-'27 T pickup body and a Model A bed thats been shortened and narrowed by somebody at one time. I'm using Youngsters excellent plans for the chassis, and so far so good! The engine for now is a 351 Cleveland with a Toploader 4speed. That may change if I find something that looks more nostalgic. I'm going to be using an Explorer 8.8 rear-end. I was able to pick it up for $10, and it's in great shape. My idea is to use a Model A rear spring with friction shocks, I really like the look.

Because of $$ considerations, this'll be a long term project, but so far I think I'm moving along quickly given that this is a one man project!

Here are a bunch of photos I've taken; feel free to comment or make suggestions or ask questions. I'm still new to the hot roddin scene! So far, this forum has been a tremendous help and source of knowledge. Photo gallery pages

This is going to be fun to watch. Keep us posted Kris.

Looks like you are going to have a rare steel body not to many left keep the classics alive.
Yep, nice to see an original steel body...........I'd love to find one to build. As for the Cleveland motor, that is another love of mine. Bracket raced a 68 Mustang with a 70 Cleveland for a while. That motor converted me from a Chevy lover to a Ford man for many years.:)

Keep up the good work and keep us posted.

Nice collection of parts you got there :cool:

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