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My Intro.....


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I have looked around here for awhile and recognize some of the players. I am a member of another t-bucket board but lately it has become pretty lacking.

So heres my intro

I built my bucket outta junkyard parts in about 9 months. I have built over 20 cars and gone through frame offs on several more. In the 80s and 90s it was Chevelles and Camaros until about 1998. Then it was a 30 model A that I ended up rolling, a chopped and dropped 53 ford 2 dr with all the custom touches and a really nice built flathead. A 1960 pontica catalina with all the custome metalflake trimmings of the 60's and a few others that slip my mind currently.
Anyway, heres my rat trap...built entirely by me in my garage. The way it should be.


hopefully I can learn a little and teach a little
Welcome to the site Chop. I think you're gonna like it here. I, like you have been doin' this for a whole lot of years. Even so, I have found ways of doin' things here that worked better that the way I was doin' them. I'm still learnin' too. If you haven't noticed yet, we love questions here. Hope to see your input too.

I gotta tell ya, that pic of you T is livin' a dream I've had for many years. I so want to drive out on the salt and snap a pic of my T.

Great intro, Chop. I have seen your T on a couple other boards and those shots you have of it on the salt are awesome. No doubt about it, you'll be a great member here and an inspiration to those who may think these cars can't handle stuff. That salt pic speaks volumes.
Welcome Chop, cool bucket :cool:
Howdy from down Amarillo way :welcome:

Gotta finish the car first, but that is more than likely going to be it's first long distance trip. I would be honored to join you and your group for that trip. IMO.. every rodder should make a pilgramage to the salt at least once.

It is the birthplace of hotrodding. Everyone should be there at least for one full week of speed.

this year we got about 40 guys going. We camp on the salt, spend 4-5 days and go through about 60 cases of beer and just as much water a trip. I have already procurred a mag vw block for this years campfire and have guys coming from the east coast, colorado, wyoming, new mexico, utah and ohio bringing their cars and bikes out.
Youngster said:
every rodder should make a pilgramage to the salt at least once.


I agree. Making the trip out onto the salt, and watching the cars run is soooo cool. I am happy to say I've been.
If any of you are in So. Cal, Vegas, or Az. Look into spending a day at El Mirage. It's near the I-15 and hiway 395 intersection by adelanto. I spent 4 hours there one morning, and loved it. I had to go to bonneville after that.
El Mirage is an experence to be remembered. I've bee there a couple of times. I used to live 40 min from there, before moving to Vegas.
I will be on the Salt, try to make it every year.

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