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So I ended up buying a complete car rather than build one. In the end it was cheaper and faster than building. Plus I'm not 100% sure what I want, so this will help me figure that out while I play with it. I will build the next one, once I decide what it is I want to build. Anyway, here are the pics you guys have been asking for.







I hated the large chrome covers, so I took them off and got this. I like these wheels and how the color matches the engine block.

Nice ride Bro.:cool:

now.....go enjoy:D

So how does it drive ? I think it's great, I like the looks and the caps ! Somethin different, why have a cookie cutter car? Drive it and have a blast !....."BH"
I agree, you did good. :) From what I can see the construction is done well and it looks like the guy who built it knew what he was doing. The body is a little different from most '27 bodies, looks like a variation of one, but still nice.

There is only one thing I would personally change and it would be to get some taller tires on bigger rims on the back. I just think the big and little look is better. It would also get your rear end up a little higher, which would also look better IMO.

No, I like the whole car, and you did it the smart way. I always say that for the first rod it sometimes makes sense to buy someone elses car and make changes to suit you. I like it a lot.

I just found one more thing I would personally get rid of, the steering wheel. It doesn't fit the overall 50's look of the car. A simple black rimmed wheel would be my choice.
That's a great car to start tinkering with. As Don said, looks solid and well built. If something dosen't suit you, don't be afraid to change it. It's your car now. The steering wheel is a representation of a Ford banjo wheel. Imo, it's ok. Another choice might be a sprint wheel. Whatever, just have fun and enjoy it.

Thats a great looking rod. I would agree fully.. I would never build a rod from scratch before owning one already done. Looks like you did the right thing... To many little secrets to reveal after actually owning/driving a hot rod and building one without prior knowledge of them would be rough
Don, I agree with pretty much everything you said. The body is unique, the guy built it himself. He is a workworker and machinist and his son is an engineer, so they knew what they were doing. The body looks like a '27, but with something like a large turtle deck from a '23. I also want some bigger, wider wheels for the rear. The steering wheel he made himself and its nice, and I'm not too picky so it works for me.

This car is also my first Chevy motor and first carbed motor. So this is going to be a learning project for me. Better to learn on something that runs than something I built.
Yeah, please don't get me wrong, you have a super nice little rod there. They did a great job on it and it is so obvious from the pictures that it is very well put together and well thought out.

I do think it needs the taller rear tires though, and while the wood wheel isn't horrible, it says 1970 and the rest of the car says 1950-ish. Those are only little things I would change, but that is me. BTW, I like the red wheels with the black.

Very nice MDrex!! Really like the style there. I did the same thing as you and bought my first T rather than building. I grew up with hot rods, but wanted get one already compelte to learn from then maybe build my own later on. Right now I am having fun (and spending changing up things and making my own. Enjoy your new ride!!!
Nice ride rex. :cool:
Out... freakin'... standing! Man, that works in every way possible. The fact that the guy and his son MADE the body:eek:, makes this a sweet choice! I would change very little and that steering wheel is the icing on the cake.:)
Don, I totally see where you're coming from on that with the steering wheel. The main reason I don't plan on changing it anytime soon is simply because it's too much money for too little a change. If the wheel was black I think it would be cooler, but I also think the interior should be black too. Although I could probably sell the interior and steering wheel, since they are very nice, and redo it myself in a more simple (less 70's) style & color. But it still looks nice and does the job well, so its not an important thing on my list.

The rear wheels tho, those have to change. I'd also like an auto better. The 3-speed manual does make it a little more tricky to drive and the clutch pedal does take up some room. I'm just not sure how easy or cheap I could manage doing a Chevy 350 auto swap. I'd be open to ideas from anyone tho.
One thing I could do about the wheel is get it wrapped in fabric. I do love black suede steering wheels, nothing feels better. And I think I do know someone that can do it for me.
It is very well done, but there are a few things I want to do to it. It really needs wide rear wheels and I think it would look much better painted, even if its just satin black. The black primer does not look good and all the pics I've been looking at make painted cars look much better. I'd also like to change around how the steering links are done in the front. I also want to convert to an auto, it will give me more room and be easier to drive, I don't really like the 3-speed manual.
Yeah, I dig the entire package and would like to know what color red is being used on the rims and engine.

Great find, enjoy!

ACJC said:
Yeah, I dig the entire package and would like to know what color red is being used on the rims and engine.

Great find, enjoy!


I'd like to know that too. I'll need to match it when I get my wider rear wheels. I'll let you know when I figure it out.

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