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need help keeping the chrome clean

I've been using one called Noxon . My Kid has it on his shelf and I borrow some once in a while. I understand the motorcycle shops carry some really good stuff, and when his runs out I may have to buy some there.

I'm not sure where he bought it, but it works very well and seems to leave a coating on chrome that resists spotting. I use it on aluminum, chrome, and stainless.


I've had good luck with something called Flitz. Some of the on-line automotive guys sell it but I've only seen it on the shelf at the marine stores.
I think I saw it at Auto Zone too. Eastwood also carries it.

I have a bottle of Noxon and it does a very good job on chrome (if you can get passed the ammonia odor). Be careful using it on polished aluminum parts, it gets a little giggy on that stuff.

I use 2000 grit steel wool lightly to clean up some scratches and then clean and shine it with Flitz. Be sure there is not any dust/sand before u use the steel wool. The chrome on most headers is so thin I stay away from any power buffer, as it can burn thru in a hurry. Also use a clean cloth everytime as any oil absorbed into the rag will deal you fits, in the way of black burn-on.
I have tried everything under the sun over the years dealing with and having custom and chromed to death Harleys and American V-Twin bikes, chrome, billet, polished, and custom paint, Flitz is hands down the best product I have found, and can even use it as a scratch remover on paint, don't try that with any of the other polishes out there, and manufacturers are very nice folks. Met a Myrtle Beach MC rally several years ago, and was impressed enough and liked the product enough that I wrote a testimonial for them, Eddie :cool:

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