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Need new coilover shocks

Track T-4

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Supporting Member
I need new coilover shocks. Current situation:

1. No adjustment left, shocks are adjusted all the way up
2. There is only 1-1/2” clearance between the frame and the diff with no rubber pad and it’s bottoming out on bumps
3. Center-to-center measurement is 13”
4. Shocks are angled at 60 degrees front-to-back with no side-to-side angle
5. I don't know the manufacturer or their rating.

I want to increase the space between the frame and the diff to about 3” and add a rubber pad to cushion any bumps. I believe the car is lighter than most because it is running a 4-cylinder Pinto SOHC engine. Finally found someone with scales and here are the results:

Weights with no passengers and full tank of gas:
Front: 700 pounds, Rear 1065

Weights with my wife and I onboard and full tank of gas:
Front: 857 pounds, Rear 1261.

I checked the coilover chart in the Speedway catalog but it refers to a side-to-side angle and not a front-to-back so I’m not sure how to calculate the needed shocks. Here are a couple of photos:.

Front view:


Rear view:


What would be the best coil/shock setup to install? Is there a way to determine this other than trial-and-error?

Best and cheapest way is to just get new springs.No need to replace the whole thing. ake them apart and get a measurement of spring and order just a heavier spring.

Thanks but the shocks are old and I want to replace the whole unit.

Do you know what weight they are? I just bought some from Ron for a excellent price .

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