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new 1927 t bucket


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Guys i am a new one here with a 27 t bucket. As far as i know the buclet is all origonal but the body, 27 body with doors. The front and rear brakes are drum BAD!!! and the front axle seems to be stock since it is not a tube axle. I am wanting to lower it to the ground some and use a 23 body with truck bed and no doors. But my question is the steering is not right, what kind of steering box do i need. Aslo the brakes how do i convert to disck arleast on the front. The steering turns further on way than the other and it uses a like 90 s10 tilt steering colum. The body is cracking an di need a new one. ALL in all i just need lots of helop. I am 24 and build show 10 and truck and bikers but not these cars, i bought it from my dad and it runs now just needs work...
I really do look forward to your help...
Welcome, how's about some pictures - :hooray:
Wow, I beat LumenAl this time, unbelievable :dance:
Welcome to the group Joshuawcolvey, these guys are going to hound you until you get some pictures posted LOL.
welcome to the site Josh. there have been so many things tried on t buckets that it's almost impossible to give you ideas without seeing a picture of the problem areas. if you could post some, i'm sure you will get the info you need to straighten everything out. you will find everyone here very helpful. it would also help if we knew where you live. you never know, someone might be very close who can help and advise.

WEll guys thatnks for the frendly welceom.. The hounding is all good i know everyone means well. N e ways. I will get some pictures up this after noon wehn i get off work. I live in Jonesboro, arkansas.
actually got alot going on , building a blown 84 s10, a 2008 sprtbike, this bucket, a 70 gto, 90 blazer, i do alot of stuff on the side, paint powdercoat, own a business called vivid dezigns... But its nothing big i do everything at home. I have to start somewere huh??
But thank you guys so much. I will get pictures up shortly... Nice to meet all of you...

Ok guys here ya go. Some pictures. I ahve them all at photobucket b/c there are alot, hope this is ok if not ill resize and post here. I have listed the front axle and a pic of the frame i think the frame is the origonal b/c it has a gradual slop to the back. Aslo i want to set this buggy low if i can but from the pics u can see that i do ont have alot of motor ground clearince. ,
Also i would like to use s-10 front spindles b/c i have an s-10 rear end with disck brakes on the rear for it, how can i use the s-10 spindles on the fron. Spirit ind is not far from me and i am getting a 23 body with 20" bed, 32 dash, all bracket kit, new 4 link for rear, of course new wheels for rear and fron 22" in rear 18 in front i can cut and narrow the front wheels to make a small wheel tire combo, A set of bucket wrapped inserts from spirit, interior hand crafted, also,
If you will look at the steering column i am going to ahve to figure thuis out also along with the brake pedal and gas, i am looking at a vega box and pitman arm along with the mount kit. if i dont make all the mounts myself.. Once again i really do appriciate the help
First, let me tell you a little bit about your T. The front axle and spindles are '37 to '40 Ford and the brakes are '40 Ford. This was done in a pure '50's style. If you look at "Kookie's Kar"or Tommy Ivo's T, you will find the same front set up. Basicly what the builder did was to cut the wishbones off at the clevis' and mounted the whole assembly backwards. Then they welded a plate to the axle and usually used 4 tie rods for a 4-bar set up.

You have most all the hard to find parts right there for a cool traditional front end. You said you want it low. You can do that with what you have. A fresh '37 to '48 wishbone and a model A spring, shackles and perches and your in business. A disc brake kit from Speedway would be my suggestion. You will have to raise the motor, but with the mods your talking about, re-setting the motor is going to have to be done anyway.

As for the rear end, the S-10 is fine. IMO, disc brakes on the rear are just for bragging rights. You don't really need them on a light bucket. I'd just use a drum set up on the rear. Remove those rear hair pins and hang 'em on the wall. They have been SFU. Talk to RPM about a set of his. Top quality stuff. I have a set on my '27.

Now for the steering. remove everything and start with the Vega box. Either reverse it for side steering or use it stock for cross steering. If you are going to have to rebuild the column, you might as well start over there to, less headaches and money I would think. Same with the master cylinder and brake pedal. If you can do that much, I'm sure you could adapt a gas peddle out of a late model.

Hope this helps. All opinions are of the writers and subject for debate!

Sorry, I forgot to post a pic of the front end I suggested. If your interested in doing this, I can walk you through it.


Thank you so much for your reply. But i am a little stupid when it comes to an older bucket, the hair pins you talk about , there will be no brakcets on the rear end since i am using a an s10 rear end and i am goping to order a complete bracket kit from speedqway for 200. comes will all rearend brakets, motor mount brackets, vega box bracket, radiator brackets.
On the fron i do not really understand some of what you talk
"You can do that with what you have. A fresh '37 to '48 wishbone and a model A spring, shackles and perches and your in business. "
So your telling me i need a new spring, new front axle, new shackles and perch?

How do i use s10 spindles on the front of the buggy or can i, or would it be easier to use the stock origional spindles on them just new king pins and all.
I am sorry to asking so many qustions, but this is my first build with anything older than a 64, so some of the things i do not know an di am more a chevy man so im trying to learn all i can here..

Thank all of you so much.
I think i may know what your talking about now, the hairpins are the bars that go from the front to middle and rear to middle to keep the rearend steright, same thing as a 4 link just welded together.. I plan on using a 4 link int he rear with a watts link or panhard bar...
No need to apologize. The axle, spindles and brakes you have are fine. You just need to remove the plate they welded to the axle. Look for a stock wish bone, it's shaped like a 'U'. The open end has clevis' that the axle fits into and there will be a ball on the other end that goes into a socket on a stock chassis. Look at the bars running back from each side of the axle in the picture I posted.those are made from a '37 wishbone.

The spring you have is a '40. it's too long to mount between the split 'bones, see pic. Speedway lists a spring for a model A that is 31" long. That's the one you will need. Order a new set of shackles and a pair of spring perch pins. You will also need 2 tierod ends, 2 jam nuts and the adaptors (bungs in the Speedway catalog) to go in the end of each tube.

Instead of going into detail here, if you decide to use this type of set up, let me know and tell you what modifications to make. This is a very easy front end to set up and with what you already have, another$150 to $200 you will be all set.

You're right about the hair pins.

I like the look of the set up that you have and i will plan on using this.. It may be just a little bit before i begina alot of work on this but i will definitally let you know when i start, i need to finish another s10 befor ei can really work on this T. Maby this winter i should be able to start hopefully. but i will go ahead and order the parts from speedway that u said.

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