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new bucket head!

chopper tom

Hellow all ,i finally decided to join in on the fun and get serious about building my T- bucket.
Hope i have found another home hear and hope to meet and share info and swap stoies with you all .
I live here in whitesburg ky ,theres not many a bucket to be found here in the hills but there are a few running around and i hope to add to that soon.
And thank you guys from the RRR for sharing this sight with me!:welcome:

Welcome to the site Tom. I've read some of your posts on RRR. I just know you're going to like it here.

Welcome Tom :ciao:
RPM said:
Welcome aboard, there are several members of this BBS that are in KY. I am just outside Knoxville, TN. Where in KY are you?:ciao:
I live in whitesburg ky ,a small coal town.
I'm about 2 hours from knoxvill ,i came to the knoxville show a mounth or so ago and seen some killer t's there! i perticularly loved the black one at the top [ had a serious rake on the body]of the hill but forgot to tack some pics.
:lol: great people here,,
LumenAl said:
Post pictures and your projects develops... ask lots of questions, we love to provide ya with different answers! :rofl:


So is there a motorcycle involved with the name?

yep ,i got the name because i love choppers and every vehicle i build i chop the top on . I love chopping tops,and choppin motorcycles !
are there many guys on here have bikes ?
LumenAl said:
I'd say there are quite a few riders on this forum... (me included)...

I'm gettin' ready to take a ride to TX. :ciao:
Welcome Tom,
I've been here for about a week and these guys are a great source of info.....

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