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New Canadian


New Member
Hi I am a semi-retired GM mechanic. I am building a REO Woody which is not a T bucket but will be in that style. I hope I am welcome here although it is not a T-bucket.
Welcome to the site. I gotta tell ya , they're gonna want pics. Be glad to help anyway we can.

Another Canadian? We'll take over... one Canuk at a time! Wah ha ha (evil laugh)

Welcome to one of the friendliest sites on the net. :welxome:

This is a great group. No drama. No BS. And... just enough silliness. :)

Where ya from?

Love to see pictures of your REO!

My T is still in the frame stages.
Welcome :) glad to have ya here. So ya got pics of that Reo yet. :welxome:
Welcome to the forum, I'm looking forward to seeing pictures of the Reo.
I told ya!!! These guys are picutes whores!!!


P.S. I'll be lookin too!!
Welcome our blood pumps on pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks everyone.
Everything is in pieces right now. As soon as snow is gone will be tearing down donor vehicle.
It will be a while before I have pics. I will surely post when I'm building.

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