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I've been visiting this site frequently over the last few months as I started building my first bucket. It's not my first hot rod, but it is my first kit so it has been interesting. My wife came home one day and said she saw a bucket driving and she wanted one. (It's the first interest she's ever showed in a car so I jumped on the oppurtunity. She's never been in a single car I've ever built.) A couple days prior to her deciding she wanted a bucket, a friend from work told me about a bucket for sale. I got my hands on a TP kit that was originally purchased in '78, but sat in a barn never touched until now. The guy I purchased it from gave me a 350/TH400, wheels, and most of the major components to complete the build. I started in late April and I'm getting ready to tear down for paint. This build has been the motivation I needed to finish my '49 Chevy pickup I've worked off and on for the last 10 years. Hopefully I'll keep the momentum going to finish that one.
Welcome to the site. Glad to see you here. You're in good company here too. One thing though, we need to see some pics of your wife trying on HER new bucket for size.

She's already losing interest, but that doesn't mean that I'm not still taking full advantage of spending the extra time in the garage building "HER" bucket! She's just interested in picking paint colors.
Welcome Cdubb. :rolleyes: You need to find things for the wife to do out in the garage, that way she can stay interested. I ask mine for help a lot, sometimes just to get her working on the car. Now, she can do quite a bit on the bucket, and most all the work on her Sportster.
She doesn't sell Mary Kay does she? The world isn't ready for a MK pink bucket yet.

No she wants red with flames but I'd like something a little more unique. I think it's fair to say that red w/ flames has been done before. I'm thinking about using a Harley Davidson Bronze Pearl for the bucket and suspension components with a black frame and motor.

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