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New Guy From Aus


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G`day guys
I`m a motor body builder by trade and have been thinking of making a model or two as a bit of a stress breaker.
I figured the Model T would be a great starting point for several reasons, its a fairly simple shape with few if any complex curves to reproduce and it is after all the tru starting point for the automotive industry we have today (oh and i`m a ford man lol)
Any way, after a lot of searching i have hundreds of pics and several measurements to start from but nothing really definate, most of the dimensions i have found are rather vague, and i thought this might be the goldmine for the information i was looking for.
Off to read the boards.
Cheers all
G'day Mate. Let us know if we can help you hop this project along.
Thanks Todd
I`ve spent the last week or so scouring the net looking for information and i reckon i`ve only confused myself:lol:.
I didnt realise there were so many different models and variations in the years they were built. I`m leaning towards a 27 pickup or van (still leaning towards original styling rather than rod style) but i havent found and solid references to the measurements i need. I have a few great files on the chassis and plenty of pics but things like the dimensions of the cowl, screen cab etc are a little sketchy, the ones i have found seen to cancel each other out.
Welcome to the forum troppo.
Welcome Troppo, this site is a great source of information and everyone is friendly and helpful.

I'm quite new to this game but I think you'll find there are no definate measurements because there are so many variations. I've found with my build that I needed most of the parts in front of me before I started building.

Good luck with your project and keep us posted.
i have a '27 touring body that i can take measurements off of for you. i also have a roadster body in the shop now. what body style are you looking at specifally.

gday mate, this is a great site, you will find out lots here. What part of Oz are you in .I have a brother who move out to Os a few years ago from England
Thanks for the welcomes guys
I`m in adelaide tea boy, grew up in far north queensland but moved down here for a woman (they make us do the dumbest things lol).
I`ve been looking at that many pictures and sites that i have confused myself even further youngster, one minute i think a van would be ideal, then i think a ute (pickup in america) then i think roadster, theres so few clear three view images around to actually work from.
I have a few basic dimensions, largely from this site, and the DIY frame plans you posted here, i have downloaded that many pics if T`s that its hard to get any clear thoughts on actual scale to work to (kinda thinking about 1/4 or 1/6 scale right now), if i can get it light enough i was actually thinking of going R/C too.
I did a land rover a year or two ago but it was more of a display piece, going to have to get some decent pics of it.
When i make a final decision on the body style i`ll be posting a heap of questions for measurements and pics.
Cheers all
Well i think i may have made a decision on what i`m going to build.
Found a few pics of C cab vans and love the look of the 60`s and 70`s style of them. Thinking about doing a 32 chassis under it.
So i reckon i`ll need some decent dimentions for the cowl on say a 27 T, i have a decent chassis diagram for the 32 so i can scale that down, but i am going to have to decide on a scale first. My last effort has wound up about 10 feet long lol
Thanks guys
That mob are a bit far from me to visit lumen, and the phone rates are ridiculous here in aus (and they have a website but say they dont do emails?)
I really only need a few measurements of a 27 or so cowl as thats the piece i look like working from on this toy of mine
Well as it turns out... YBlockT posted this recently... perhaps this will help?

hanks lumen, thats one of the things i have learned in the last week or so, today a car is the same through the whole model run but back then it changed a lot in a couple of years.
I chose the 27 as i have been led to believe it was wider than the earlier models, and i know the C cab was more of an earlier model thing ( well i think it was) but i like the look of it and thought it would be an eye catching model to make
I`ve actually got that off a couple of different sites, claiming it to be every thing from a 15 to a 27, hence my confusion with dimensions. Thanks for confirming that its a 27.
I need a few more measurements to work with so i can get things started.
That set shows the cowl measurements at the engine side but not the door side, the height at the hood mounting lip but not the front outer surface of the cowl or the cowl at the screen mounting point.
I`m being picky i know but i`m strange like that lol

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