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New guy from Central California


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Found this site from the HAMB.
Thought I would introduce myself. My name Is Rick Scott I live in Madera Ca. I'm 53 years old a retired sheet metal fabricator.I was self employed but for health reason ,I sold and moved into a smaller house. I have been into street rods since before I could drive. I have built a few cars and building a few more. I built my son a 1915 glass T. For his senior year at High school. I made everything I could from: frame, hair pins, front axle, windshield frame, steering column,and paint
I started out buying the CCR book. I followed it for the most part. I did do alittle changes to clean up the brackets. I will post some pictures, when I find them. My wife decided the computer was running to slow , so she put all my pictures on CD's in no real order:rolleyes:
That's enough about me it's time to start reading the other posts
Rick Scott
Welcome to the forum Rick, you'll find quite a few other retired old bucket lovers hanging out here.
Welcome Rick from Northern California! Great stuff here:D. Looking forward to your pictures:lol:.
Hellooooooooo and Welcome Rick, This is Ted Brown and I designed all those brackets that you said you cleaned up, love to see what you did with them... to make them better.. hehe I always love to see new ideas... even if it is mine you are changing... I am not too far from you.. Retired in Bako. Ted
Looking forward to seeing the pictures!


and by the way...


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