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New guy from FL


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Hello all, just wanted to intro myself,I have been lurking and decided to join after searching the site,really a wealth of knowledge on this forum. I am in the process of,still contemplating,a build. I own an original V-bucket from Speedway motors,designed by Kent Fuller. I am told it is one of only or less than 20 ever built.It is in pretty good shape,needs the small things,new tires, brakes and possibly a paint job. I am pondering the idea of changing it a bit, still the vw engine,but different. I am unsure of what to do based on the rarity of the kit. SO, I am just acquiring parts,planning and working out all the little things before I actually cut on the car as I may decide to keep it as is.I have attached a few pics so tell me what you think.
Welcome to the site. Where do you live in Florida?
Welcome to the forum Dubshack1, I'd think twice about making any serious changes to a car that rare. You might be better off selling it and starting an new project or better yet keeping it and starting a new project.
Welcome to the site and Nice Ride!
"WELCOME" Nothing like having 2 rides!!!!!
Nice looking VolksRod. As you may know, the original Fuller design and build was serialized in Rod & Custom.

If I were to change anything, it would be to ditch the faux headers and put on smooth or louvered hood sides which would provide a very unique look in themselves.
Thanks for the warm welcome, as it is now i have 9 cars in various stages,too many fires,contemplating selling this one to fund my 49 shoebox project. The headers are functional,they ran the exhaust from the rear to the front,sounds very good.I need to re size the other pics then I will post them. Thanks again

I also forgot to mention that when I purchased the car I also called Speedway Motors and spoke to their lawyers and came to an agreement on the rights to the design, and builds of future kits,so if I sell it and anyone wants to build more legally they can no questions asked.It was very easy,they hadn't made one in 30 years or so and had no interest in doing so again and sent me all the paperwork.
There have been several people on this site expressing interest in a vw powered T. Using your plans may be of interest to me. Can pix be made available for a nominal fee?
welcome to the site. it's your car and your desission as to what happens to itout of the other 19, i have to wonder how many are stiil around to speak for the fabulous kent fuller. i have been following his escapades for a great many years. this guy was fearless. he would take on project that he had no idea of what it would take to complete them just for the challenge.

i, for one would be very greatful to you for any info you have on the man or the car you have. Thanks for joining us here.

Here are a few more of my bucket, still thinking about what i should do. Would rather sell or trade it,Anyone interested?
Dubshack1, can you post a larger picture of the R&C article? My old eyes are having problems seeing the details. What dates was the car covered, I'd like to try for back iassues.
Does it have the sound of a volkswagen or a little rumble? Nice looking ride.
It has a pretty good rumble with the bigger motor in it with a good cam,and is fast too. I personally don't have any articles from R&C but im sure if you were to Google it they would be found.I am liking the response on the site,feel bad about cutting it up now,I think I am gonna post it in the classifieds in a few days or so,think about it some more.
He's not been here since 22 January 2009. Maybe someone knows of another site he frequents, but it seems he's abandoned this site.

EDIT - I sent him an e-mail from the site, linking him to this thread. I haven't seen a bounce, so maybe his e-mail account is still valid.
Hello everyone,been a while. Well I traded the t for a nice triumph bobber,still have the copyrights to the fuller t,maybe in the future I will build another..I understand there are a few questions ?
Hey, Dubshack1;

What is the status on the copyright(s) for the Volksrod stuff?

I have the dimensions for the R&C's Tom Medley version.

Would you be interested in sharing, or selling, the original version dimensions/blueprints?
What would you feel is fair?

I'm contemplating a feather-weight version, maybe w/a Subaru mill.
Partially for economy, partially for exhilaration... :D .
Proportion(s) is a bit of a problem for me, that I'm working on.



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