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New guy from Florida


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Hello all.

I'm new to this forum, having just discovered it this evening... I have been a member of a couple of other forums for some time, but this one has eluded me for some reason. Anyway, I am NOT new to hotrodding; I took my first ride in a hotrod (which happened to be a bob-tail T) in 1960 or '61 and I have been actively involved with chassis fabrication on both hotrods and stock cars since 1968. Although I have had several hotrods over the past 40 years, I have never had a T-bucket roadster. So, I am finally building a car that is partly inspired by the first hotrod I ever rode in and partly by my interest in early race cars. My avatar is a picture of the '31 Ford coupe that I currently drive; below is a picture of the roadster I am building.:)
Welcome aboard Meangreen. If I am not mistaken, I met you last year at the Titusville Cruise. That little coupe of yours is one SWEEEET ride and I know that your T will be equally great. I had the black primered turtle deck T there that night and we talked for awhile. I live in Oviedo.
Welcome to the site meangreen. I've seen some of your posts on other sites. We'll be looking forward to your in put here too.

Jeeez Jim, I thought you already knew about this forum, or I would have told you sooner. :) Nice to see you over here bud, lots of nice people and you have GOT to show them some pictures of the track T you are doing. It's going to be a really great car when done.

For those of you who don't know Jim, he can take the most common stuff and turn it into some cool car parts..........very inventive, talented guy.:D

Welcome from Orlando.
Thank you all for the friendly welcome. Glad to be here.:)

Ex-junk: Yes, I remember your car (Talk about SWEEET!). You may recall mine was still in the talking stage. I've made a little progress since then...

Don: Thanks. You're going to inflate my ego with compliments like that...

LumenAl: I must have missed something when I signed up..? Just steer me to the right place & I'll be happy to comply. I got lots of pics...:confused:

Howdy from Amarillo TX

You got that right Al, a lot of people seem to miss the fine print... :lol:

Welcome Jim (meangreen) to this Band of Brother T-Bucketeers.

I have posted 5 pics that are representative of what I'm doing so far. I'll be blowing this car apart for finishing soon, so things will change rapidly...:rolleyes:
welcome meangreen very nice ride, Hope to see u at some car shows,

p.s I hope I see everyone that has visited my thread also.

:cool: Laz

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