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New guy from St. Louis.


New Member
Hello all. I'm new here hoping to learn alot. I have a 27 T in progress hope you guys like it.
Nailbomb said:
oh thats nice, got me curious though, can we get a interior shot?


Nothing done to the interior yet. Some things will change but I just want to get it running. I am going to get some skinner rims up front and bias ply front tires the radials are just for mock up.

I also may go with the sanderson zoomie funny car styled headers. They're alot of dough though. :neutral:

Any one got any good ideas for interior?

2 more shots

Nice '27! I like the look you're going after. For the interior.... white tuck and roll. Not easy to keep clean, but it would look sharp! Are you a member of the HAMB? That '27 looks familiar.

Welcome to the site.
Hey lukester welcome to the site. That is the look I'm going after myself. Why the bias tires over radials? Coker makes a nice BFGoodrich radial tire. Has to be a lot better ride. I have a few friends that have bias tires and are not to happy with them. Just my 2 cents. Sweet looking T.


Welcome to the forum Lukester, looks like you have things moving right along. Recently I saw a T that had the classic Indian blanket interior but the guy had actually upholstered a nice padded seat frame with the material, it really added a nice classic look to his car, he had also covered the side panels with the same material.
Now is it just me or are there bomber seats and a shifter in the first pic, but they're missing in the others? you also don't have the glass on the other 2. The reason i'm so curious is becaws it looks like you have 3 shifters in the first pic, and if thats not what that is, what the hell are those?

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