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new guy on the block ..


New Member
Hello, Im Charles

Im new here 31 yrs of age live in florida.

been lusting after a T for years .. soon ill drop the hammer and buy a body .. till then just amassing parts and pieces i think i would like to use .. so far i have a 66 mercury FE longblock (cid yet to be determined c6me-a casting and c7ae-a heads) and a 9" housing minus the pig and axles. a couple 4 speed top loaders and lots of other various bits laying around.

I feel like I've learned a lot so far and only been reading for a couple hours this place seems great.
:D Welcome to the greatest forum for T Buckets. There is a wealth of knowledge on this site, and these guys are always willing to help. Post where you live, there are alot of guys from Florida on here that might be of great help to you. Also we like lots of pictures.

Welcome! I live in Oviedo which is on the northeast side of Orlando. Where in Florida do you live?

Welcome from the great white north.
Welcome to the forum Charles, you're going to love this place.
welcome from Orlando....

There's also a NTBA member by you, He's in Fort White...
Welcome :D

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