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Hello All

I am a corporate pilot on a 24 month retirement clock with 21 months to go. I recently aquired my first t bucket as I enjoy working on cars and I can identify 2 out of 3 parts on this one. I also have an '05 Corvette but dont have the tools or knowledge to do much to it I have to farm that out. I will do a little work on the bucket this winter and get ready for the 09 season. I really want to make the Buckethead Bash, however, I think I am too mature to drive all the way from the Chicago area to Mountain Home. I will probably be looking for a trailer. It will be a fun winter and I'm sure I will have lots of questions especially regarding tops. I have a hard top but I'm not sure it is correct. I will be posting.
:welcome:Ask a way tpilot there are plenty of people here who can help with anything you need help with.And yes pics. are required.:lol:
Welcome My uncle is also a pilot in Chicago soon to retire. Enjoy your bucket post pics.
Welcome to the forum tpilot.
Welcome to the forum Tpilot, I'm retired myself and live west of Chicago.
Welcome tpilot, but you gotta stop thinking of yourself as"mature". When you own a T you are a wild and crazy kid again and IT'S LEGAL!!!
:lol:..You must post some pictures of you T,,:rulz:
Great group here ,
Tower to tpilot, Tower to tpilot, make your heading to post pictures immediately.
friendly bunch ain't they? lol! you have just joined the biggest and best T bucket brotherhood on the planet! you got questions? we got answers!don't be afraid to ask about anything. every time your questions are answered, others learn too. welcome buddy!!!

OH YES, let me tell you its a good thing you added pictures to your post, WOW wish i would have done that on my first post... lol
All they guys here are a very great bunch of people...
Glad you could become part of the FAMILY..

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