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New here, just finished my bucket.


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It's not 100% done (nor will it probably ever be) but its finally ready for the road. Her e a few driveway shots before a buddy and I spent the entire afternoon driving around just enjoying the semi-nice weather today.

I bought this in January:


and today we got to drive it as it stands now:







Full blog here:     Bucket Build Blog
very nice olschool to the max I like it a lot
Wait a minute i just caught on (ive had the flew) you turned the 70s purple people eater into that slick old school machine ,you sir have a good eye. Fantastic job.
awwwwww yes ... the buick valve cover car .... saw it on hamb .... you did good!!!!

I decided to put my first striping down on a car tonight, it's not perfect but I like it. I have been practicing off & on on things around the garage, this is the first time I had the nerve to put paint to body.

Youngster........"the buick valve cover car"

I'm I missing something?
At first track i was with you i thought Youngster has got his meds mixed up. But that is the moet inovative dash i have ever seen. Now i like it even more. If you did the pinstripe all i need to know is when you will pass through oklahoma VERY nice .
Yeah I just did the pinstripe a couple hours ago, it's not perfect I can see a great deal of flaws in it but I first picked up a brush a couple months back and haven't been practicing as much as I should have.

Everything in my shop is striped however and I think after a bit of time I will feel more comfortable.
dovehunter79 said:
Probesport.... did you single stage that body?

The body is a long, annoying story so as to not bore you with it I finally got fed up one day and just started spraying with whatever I had in the garage - which happened to be Krylon BBQ paint, the rest they say is history :D
i have always wanted to try this and i even purchased a book what do you recomend for a starter brush or min supplies to practice with.
rooster57 said:
i have always wanted to try this and i even purchased a book what do you recommend for a starter brush or min supplies to practice with.

Start with a Mack 00 or xcaliber 000 brush, one shot paint and cut yourself a piece of glass (shown below) to practice on. The one shot dries quickly and you can razor blade it off an keep trying.


I made a box to hold my supplies and I always practice on it before I stripe something, it adds character or something ;). In thw box is acetone to clean the brush, brush oil (3-in-1 is fine) my paints, some omnichrom pencils (for laying gridlines, but for some reason I never use them) and a small collection of brushes.


Here is my shop stool that was one of the first pieces I striped. EVERYTHING is now striped, by bandsaw, vice's, hand toold, cabinets, you name it. It is ridiculously addictive - and if you don't like it, start over.


When striping multiple colors, always lay the dark color down first - something I learned a little late but at least before I ever touched a car, heh.

Don't be intimidated, it's not all one line but the goal is to make it look like it is. You can freehand part of it but you really should have a plan to start something. For example, on the above image I knew where 3 lines were going to go (the vertical ones in the center) and then work from there. Form then on you work like a chess or pool game, always know where your next move is so you can start heading your line that way.

The first bit of practicing should just be pulling straight lines, then some curves, then move on to straight shapes, geometric, etc.

Again, I am no pro (or even any good for that matter) but that is all the advice I had picked up along the way.
Thanks bro i will pick me up a brush and some paint on line tonight looks like great rainey day therapy
The dash is a buick Straight 8 valve cover.

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