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New here with 23 Dodge Steel.

Just picked this car up a few weeks ago. Started fabricating frame last weekend. No frame jigs or much room to work here in the real world. Hope to make this a neat little ride soon.

Welcome wicked, Looks like ya got your summer planned, (frame) :lol:pretty nice start. That looks like it will be sweet when finished but remeber to keep posting the pics as ya go. Also, if ya go into your portal and edit your info with city and state everyone will appriciate and you wont have 50 where ya froms at the end of the day. I love the body for sure!
Good call, fixed. I do plan on making good progress soon. I've had the car only two weeks so far. I put the 50 Coupe aside for a while.
I'd like to get the roadster done first now - loads of fun. Got a lot of cleaning to do.
I came from the Harley world cross over. I told my 12 year old we were going to build his 18th. B-Day present kinda as a joke. Maybe some truth to that after all. My dad built tractors with me when I was a kid and I've never forgot those times. We're about 3,000 acres short of needing a tractor so I thought a bucket would work.
Welcome to the site. Nice start to a Dodge bucket. Keep us posted on your build.

Welcome :)
Re: New here with 23 Willy's Steel.

Oops, just found out that my car is more than likely a 23 Willys model 91 touring. Guess it isn't Dodge after all.
My dash:

Willys dash:

My cowl:

Willys Cowl:
After much research and chasing leads, I found the original owner. He told me he has a picture of the car new. After a day of digging through albums, he finally produced the picture. He is so nice, and told stories of how well he took care of his baby.

Ha Ha
dodges had more steel in the bodies and a lot of them had lift out doors so they are hard to find. My son is working on a 22 dodge bucket and I built new door panels at the college shop a couple of years ago.
Welcome Looks like a really good body to start with Deep cowl for leg room. Really cool windshield posts also,
Damn id love to have that windshield.Thats the same windshield Big Daddy Roth used on the OUTLAW.

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