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We've had some new members register for the forum in the last few days.

Welcome to ArizonaBucketHead, Cruisin, John S, kee and PPERRY. Let me encourage you to submit a post here in the Introductions forum, so everyone can get to know one another.

If any of you have any questions or problems with the forum, contact me via Private Message and we'll get you sorted out as quickly as possible.
My name is Thomas

I live in Michigan (Detroit area). I am hoping to start a T-Bucket this coming year. Selling my bass boat, going to use the money to start a TP kit.:toast: I am really looking forward to starting a project soon.

Hi Thomas. It's good to have you here and I look forward to hearing more about you and your project. I'm about 5 hours away from Detroit, in Lafayette, IN.

Selling a bass boat to make way for a T? There's a switch in hobbies, eh?

I see you're looking at a Total kit, as well. I put a deposit down on a kit a couple weeks ago myself. I'm a fair-sized fellow so my son and I drove out to Total so I could try on a standard body with a seat insert for size. It fit so well the deposit nearly jumped out of my pocket on its own. :toast:

I really wish I had the money to just pay for the kit outright, but I've waited for over 20 years to have a T-Bucket so a few more months should be a piece of cake. I hope... :pray:
I've wanted a street rod for many years now, but just could not afford one. I really enjoy fishing, but at 63 I am not to steady on my feet anymore. And the wife really don't enjoy the boat, so I thought if I built a T-Bucket I would be home on the weekends with her and she might help me build it.

I'm Terry, age 58. I live in Essex Junction, VT. Married, 7 children, one (17) still at home, plus one daughter (29) that keeps bouncing back.

I've never build any hotrod before, but I'm not a stranger to autos. I've rebuild some engines during the years, so I'm looking forward to assembling my 440.

My education lead me into being an electrical engineer, which I haven't done for years. Presently, the wife and I take care of two handicapped people through a state agency. They live with us 24/7. These are mentally disabled and wheelchair bound. We've been doing this for over 20 years, so it feels normal, but it does greatly limit much, if any traveling, so going to car shows is pretty much out of the picture except for the yearly one here in Essex Junction.

However, I may not be able to travel all over, but I'm still going to build myself a T-Bucket.

I've plenty of skills I've learned over the years. I worked for my father at Titan Trailer, Corp. in Woodland, CA. Learned all about working with steel: cutting, welding, parts fabrication, etc. None of my skills were auto related directly, but close enough as far as I'm concerned.

As it stands right now, I haven't actually started a bucket, but I have been working towards it. I've pretty much have all the parts for my 440 and 727 tranny. The block has been bored and is ready for assembly. I have heads, crank, Edelbrock intake and carbs (2), cam. I don't want to assemble it until I've mocked up my frame and body. I've also got a corvette rear-end I bought over a year ago.

I'm getting a K&S Customs, Stretch boby with door, but I won't receive it until April 08. That gives me plenty of time to save up for it, and get my garage ready to working on the car.

I have a whole buch of remodelling I'm doing on the house, and the garage, so I can't really do much until next year anyway. So even though the car building hasn't truly begun, I've been accumulating parts for a few years for building this puppy. Purchasing the body, in my view, is the tipping point that says I'll be at the no turning back point, and construction has begun.

Now, I hope when I get this completed there's still gasoline available, and if there is, I hope it isn't $10+ per gallon.

Anyway, happy to be here. :lol:
Three new members welcome

This site is going to grow pretty quick. Hope to see some pictures pretty soon. Give something for Mike and I to droll over.

Welcome Brian,

Are you the one I will be getting a hold of when I'm ready to purchase my Basic T-Bucket Kit?


Hope to see some post from you BIG JOE. Always nice to meet people with the same interests. Being on the forum has been great for me and I'm looking forward to meeting some of these gentlemen in the next couple of years. Hope you enjoy this forum as much as I do.


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