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New 'Old Guy' From Connecticut


New Member
Hello, I'm HarryT from Connecticut. I have been retired for 10 years and life is very good. I have been into hotrods for a looooong time. In 1958, while in high school, I had an Olds powered '41 Ford coupe and later a '50 Ford with a Chevy 265. After a tour in the Navy I had a '41 Chevy coupe with a 265 in it and a '37 Chevy pickup with 327 power. Currently I have a '23T that I built and put on the road in '06. It has the typical 350/350 with Ford 9 Inch setup. The body is the CCR long body with a door. I am presently building a '34 Ford pickup that will be powered by a Buick nailhead. I'll post some pictures of the 'T' as soon as I can get them resized.
Welcome HarryT :lol: nice bucket :cool:
Wow! The influx of new members is great today! I'm glad you made it in and I look forward to checking out your ride. Pics of that highschool hot rod would be great, if you have some!
Hello HarryT,
I'm also in Ct, who knows maybe not far from you. Im just north of Hartford ini the Endfield area.
Welcome to the bucket,,,
Welcome to the site HarryT. Sounds like retirement is going real good for you Don't be afraid to put in your $.02.


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