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New to the forum


One of the members, Youngster, mentioned this forum to me and suggested I should check it out. I see some familiar names on here from other forums I frequent, and have read some of the threads. It seems like a very good group of people, and I like what I see.

To introduce myself, my name is Don and I live in Ft Myers, Florida. I'm 62, so I have been in this hobby for longer than I care to remember. :welcome: I have twin Sons who are now 37, and we build hot rods together strictly for ourselves. My Son Don has a TP bodied car that we built pretty much everything else for, and I have a Speedway '23 done as a modified, also hand built. My second Son Dan is the true welder/fabricator in the family and is building a '29 Ford roadster pickup. He keeps Don and I on the right path and makes our stuff look pretty.

I also have a '39 Dodge pickup that I am building in the "bobber" style, and I still have my '27 roadster that I have owned for 20 years. I tore it down about 7 years ago for a much needed rebuild and never got back to it.

I am looking forward to participating in this forum and chatting with some of my old friends and lots of new ones. BTW, we are the guys who had the steering arm break on my Son's T bucket. (I saw a thread on that on here) The story made the rounds of all the forums, and luckily no one was hurt or the car damaged.

Here are pictures of my T (black one), my Son's T (blue one) and my other Son's '29. Thanks for inviting me Youngster, and to the rest of you for having me here.

:welcome:Don, Thanks for stopping by and signing up. I just know you and the boys will be a big asset to this forum. As you have read in some of the threads, we almost lost this forum. Now, like a phoenix, she's rising from the ashes, stronger than ever. There's alot of good people here, as I'm sure you'll find out for yourself.
It's with great pleasure that we here on the forum welcome you Don. There is no doubt you will be a great asset to this forum. youngster has'nt been on this forum very long and he already has made a lot of friends. Thank you for joining this great bunch of guys.:clap:

Thanks guys for the nice welcome. I hadn't heard of the group until Youngster mentioned it to me, and really look forward to shooting the breeze with all of you. It feels good here already. :welcome: I tend to not be shy about posting, so I hope no one takes offense at me jumping right into discussions.

I knew he wasn't shy!
BTW, you are doing a heck of a recruiting job. Ever since they put you on commission.......................... :eek::welcome::lol::D

Hey, Don! Nice to see you made it over. I know you'll like it here. Your experience and knowledge will be a great asset. Plus, I get to see more pics of your cars!:D
Welcome aboard Don, I was following you & your sons builds on the ntba board.You sure did some nice work and I am look foward to reading your threads here. Thanks Lar:)
Welcome Don, nice buckets.
welcome from "middle florida".
lots of good people here with good info.
You and the boys gonna be able to make old town metting
next saturday?
From what I have seen of your work in posts on the NTBA Don, we are VERY fortunate to have you here. I know that you will be giving very helpful information.

(By the way Don, you probably know me as KOALA T on the NTBA boards.)
Hi guys, and thanks for the welcome. Sure is nice to see so many of you that I know already from other sites.

No, I don't think we will make Oldtown, wish we could, but it is a little bit of a drive and we are trying to make Billetproof in March..........still some stuff to do. It sure looks like it will be fun there though.

Welcome Don, always nice to see a familiar face:D

you meet some of the strangest people in some of the nicest places.........wait.......thats backwards.........oh well, you know what I mean:lol:

See ya over younder,

p.s. don't tell Team Smart I'm cheatin' on 'em:eek:

Don, I know your sons build is not a T Bucket, but you have GOT to post a few pics of it's current stage. You guys do AWESOME work!:lol:

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