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New to the world of buckets but not cars


I have been involved in cars a long time but bought my first bucket a couple of weeks ago. I am the third owner of this unit and the person I bought from did not know too many of the details of the car. What I have been told is that it has a 305 engine, 3 speed auto from a chevy van and an S10 rear end. How do I determine the make of the body? It is fiberglass with no door. Has the rear bed molded as part of the main body. I am 6' 3" and even though the seat is rather low my head is a ways above the windshield. It is only a foot or so high and I would like to get an upper extension for it. Any comments recommendations would sure help
Welcome to the forum. Post up some pics and let us know where your at, that can help with the make of the body.
Welcome to the site. It's cool how some of our beloved T buckets evolve with each new owner. As Bruce said post so pics. I guarantee you will get your answer.

Square Top T Windshield Frames

These frames are about 20 inches tall they come without glass. I just replaced the top half glass tinted was 53 dollars installed in the frame at a glass shop.

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