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Hello, everyone I'm new to the site. I have been a long time drag racer, turned hot rodder in the '90s. After about 15 yrs. of racing my old front engine dragster they told me to build a new or get a rear motor car to keep runing this was in 1988, so I took my car and went home put it in the garage and never went back. My first car was a '54 Ford built in 1990, I still have the car drive it all the time, built my wife a 1941 International pick pu truck in '95, she still drives it and wont part with it. I just traded a project car I was working on for the last five years for a T- Bucket, I have always wanted one but the wife thought they were a waste of time and money! Well guess what she is the first one to say let's take the bucket out tonight for a ride, she said we should have got one a long time ago, as everything else sits in the garage now. Found this site just looking around for differant bucket sites. Sorry for being long winded, later .
Welcome to the forum Paintcan54 I think you're going to fit in real good here. I suggest you post some pictures of the T bucket before the guys start hounding you for them, LOL.
Welcome, don't be afraid to pitch in.

Yup, :welcome: state pics are a requirement, trust us. The '54 and '41 too.
Welcome paintcan54 :D
Ok, here are some pics of my cars I have to have my son do them as I'm not computer smart, I know enough to get in to trouble. I'm looking for some history on the T-bucket so for I have found that it was built some where around the mid to late '60s by the paint, also when the car was built the frame was total chrome, but over the years it was not taken care of so some parts of it was painted black. And that it set in storage for about 15 years. Well I guess that enough for now, here is the pics. Thanks for the nice welcome to the site.













I love your rolling stock, but you forgot the front engine dragster pix! That is where my heart is (notice my avitar). If you need the space...we need to talk!
:lol: You have come to the right place and dont worry about long winded we all like all the info we can get, oh and you have some fine rollin stock:D..Francis
Welcome great looking machines. Just bought my first bucket in Sept. want to do a few things to it this winter and then take it out and show the rest of the country side what a real pleasure machine is. I would like to post a couple of pics of my unit just have to figure out how to do it. Like yours my wife now loves to go out and cruise.

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