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Newbie Needs Opinions


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Hi all, I'm new to this forum but am a member of other forums for my other hobbies. I'm considering a trade with someone and need some advice.

I have a nice 2005 Harley Road King that I'm thinking about trading for a 1923 T-Bucket Roadster.

The T-bucket is a pretty basic one, has a nice yellow paint job, basic steel wheels with dog dish hubcaps, automatic tranny, 57 Chevy straight six engine, basic exhaust no chrome, black bucket seats, hand made basic brushed aluminum dash with gauages, drum brakes, don't think it has power brakes or power steering, has no roof and has the low one-piece windshield.

What do you think it's worth? Is there an abundance of parts suppliers out there? Are these vehicles user serviceable for the most part?
Any issues if I wanted to put a small block V-8 in, power disc brakes, etc.?

Any thoughts/advice would be welcome.
Off the top of my head, I'd say your Road King is worth anywhere from 14,500 up to over 20,000 depending on mileage, options, etc... my guess based on your description the T-bucket is not worth the money your bike is... this is all speculative as a lot of details are missing... and yes, a V8 would drop in, power brakes aren't really needed on a car this light... Parts? lots of sources... With average mechanical skills I'd say these cars are very user serviceable... anything you have a question about just ask here and you will get good advice...

and oh yes...

Welcome...that said Your bike is way over the T-Bucket.
Look around You can find a better deal.
Al, is right on the money...
Take Your time and don't jump with out knowing a little more.
If you have some buddy that are into car's take them for a sounding board. Sometimes the chrome will blind you.
Welcome Richie :ciao: As was already said, from your discription the bucket isn't worth what your King is. I'd look around for a better deal too. Hang around check the classifieds there is a car out there for everyone, just gotta find it.
I once had a friend? hehe that used to build those types of T Buckets to sell.. He got all the parts from either swap meets and had no real money in the running car... BUT; they were a pile of you know... They had a curbside guarantee, once off the property, it was your Baby, some actually made it to the first intersection... He finally got beaten almost to death, died a short time later... Look around, you can find a NICE T Bucket for that trade.... but try and get one thats driving, with all the paper work, title... plates... Good hunting :ciao:
I built my old T in 1999 with $17,000 of all new parts. I drove it for 6 years and then traded it for another car. The guy I traded with sold it to a guy in Michigan for $13,000. The guy who has it now phoned me a month ago (He had found my name on an old insurance card he found on the car) to find out some information on the car. He almost cried when I told him that I would probably have sold it to him for around $10,000 a few years ago. The car's body had a few cracks and there were chips in the paint in the body and frame. Pretty much normal wear and tear for a car that had, not by choice, been driven in 100 degree heat and torrential downpours. It was still a good running car but was showing some wear and tear. In my opinion, and I don't want to piss too many people off here, that there are very few T-buckets that are worth what the owner/builder has in them. Just like any other car they will depreciate with time and wear and tear. There are exceptions but I think they are few and far between.
I turned down $85.000 cash and two other cars the guy also wanted to throw in, for my first T Bucket, looking back, I should have sold it then and there, but being new and real fun, no go... The only way you can sell a NICE car is the ask enough money for it, and that is usually over $100.000.00 otherwise they are junk in the eyes of people with money... :ciao:
I know that we all get asked from time to time how much it cost to build our T's, or how much it would cost to build one in general. I always say "about $20,000 plus labor." They some times look wide-eyed at that, so I follow with "Suppose it takes me 4 years to build the car. That means I have spent about $5,000 per year. If you play golf every Saturday, with green fees, cart, lunch, beers, etc. you might spend $100 per day, or bout $5,000 per year. At the end of 4 years you have also spent $20,000. The difference is that at the end of 4 years, I have a car that I can sell for $15,000."

Only if you decide it is only worth that little.. as the only way a person could get that special car, would be to try and build an exact copy, and that costs a ton of money.. now you did hear me say a NICE car, all things considered... 409, your car looks to be a nice car, from here that is... :ciao:
I suggest you go to ebay to get an idea of what types and prices buckets are selling for. I have three Harleys, so I must agree with the other comments, that your bike is worth much more than the Bucket. Bikes are a dime a dozen and prices have come down due to the economy, but some of the lessor equipt, buckets as you described are cheaper now, also. If you can draw $7K-$8K on the trade I would consider it, but I doubt the guy has that kind of cash laying around, but who knows, you never know until you try. Go to There was a decent '23 with a sb Ford and 4spd. tranny for around $8500, that sounds more like the value of the rod you described. Also, the gentleman that bought one of my T's, now has it on Craigslist Phoenix for $13,900 neg. It has a radical 396bbc with an Eddy two-4 crossram. It will scare the pants off of you and has new yellow paint and black vinyl interior.

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