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Non-T Question


I got the honor this year to plan a yearly family get together for 2009. There is people in Oregon, California, Virginia, and England that gather together for vacation. My question is has anyone had any experience going to Ocracoke Island NC. My thinking is do the family thing at Ocracoke and then go to the NTBA T-Bucket Nationals or the Buckethead Bash afterwords. Hey, if I travel back there from Oregon I am going to do more than one thing. :think: Thanks
Don't know anything about Ocracoke, but I have spent alot of time in the Charleston SC area, and would highly recommend. I have spent time in the Myrtle Beach and Hilton Head areas and they seem over commercialized. Charleston has great history and sites and is very laid back. I know this doesn't answer your question, but just thought i'd give you another idea.

Ron B.
Ocracoke is a great place, I love the whole Outer Banks. You can see the Wright Brothers Museum in Kill Devil Hills. some real neat light houses, even a ferry trip can be fun. Then on the way back get in I-40 and head west to the NTB event in Monroe and the on to the Bash! Sounds like a perfect summer vacation to me!

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