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Youngster told me to come check this place out, as there was some good info. I'm impressed with what I have seen so far. I just picked up my first project thats nearly 80 years old, but its not a T-bucket, so I will probably stick mostly to reading.

But anyways, I'm a young guy, and I've been tinkering with cars since I was about 13. Worked in my uncles off road shop for a while until he closed the doors to do something else. I now run my own chassis fabrication shop, and I am having a great time. That said, most of my time spent will probably be the frame and suspension sections. Thats what I like, and thats where most of my knowledge lies.

Be sure to share your knowledge with the rest of us as more minds are better than one.
Welcome to the site Seth. I'm so glad to see you here. There's always room for someone with your skills. Please don't be shy about posting your opinions. They will be welcomed. Cya.

TWISTED! Man, I loved following your work on Hotrodders! Guys, this dude is the automotive version of a prodigy! His work for his age is mind boggling!

Great to have ya aboard, man. Now... you just need to get the fever.:lol:
Welcome Seth. I read your posts on SSM regularly. We spoke briefly at Drop Zone last year. Only briefly because You were strapping down the stuff in your truck preparing to leave, and I was carrying a big heavy trophy :lol: also preparing to leave. You probably don't remember me, but might remember my truck...

Thanks guys!

LKE, I do remember talking to you right as we where leaving. I oogled at your truck for a while at the show.

Fred, I may already have the fever! Lol. I'm not building a T at this point, but I'm building a tub starting with a 30 Chevy cowl.
Welcome Seth :rolleyes: OK so when do we get to see the Chevy Tub? :ciao:
Well its not a tub yet, just a cowl I bought with a title. I'm going to frame it out, and build a tube for it. I bought a bead roller, and I am gong to machine some dies to replicate the body lines, and form the rest on my English wheel. Here is a picture of the cowl.


I have a 36 Ford front axle and bones, and 40 Ford brakes, and 36 Ford wide 5 wheels. Aside from that I want the rest to be Chevy. I picked up a Chevy 250 inline 6, and a TH350, and a 10 Bolt axle from a friend. And I think I found a stock grill shell and radiator to use.
To have that much talent Seth, is surely a wonderful gift. Thank you for sharing it with us.


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