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not another Brit

tea boy

Well hello there,as you mite see i am from England and i have loved t buckets sins the Early 70ts witch means i am old, born 1950 my t is a British one called a Jago tee . The first T body's witch were for sale here then were made by him. The T you have to explain how to put pics on here is one .They were manly 4 cylinder engines .but as time went on they put v6 and then v8. the mane deferens is that the scuttle behind the engine is longer so there is abit more leg room. I bort my body in 72 and got it on the road in 78 the hit a Citron in 80 and bent the front axle a bit.Took the axle to work and got it put wright I always liked the Tom Pruffer track t and said i going to have one of then and as my t was in bits i thought that it would not take to long to get the job done and in 2003 i got it back on the road .Why did it take so long well if you got kids you no and buying and doing up the house to sell it and end up with a garage that is a nice size. Right the first time the T was on the road it had a strait 6 ford in it. It is a little different to yours with it being only 2500 cc i don't no what that is but in cubs inchs. I would think one of you can tell me. It had a Ford back axle a 3 speed box and a Jago dropped tube front axle with a Ford van drums brakes .Now it has a Toyota twin cam and a 5 speed box :handy with gas being $10.00 a gallon: and disc brakes on the front ,red steel wheels hub caps and beauty rims When the computer and the scanner start to tork to each other again i will put some pics up. Me and 2 mates are hopping to come over to Bonnaville in august and go to Plesentown be for we come home .It looks as though we are going to get an RV to go from San Francisco to Wendover and back . It should be a great road trip and it would be nice to meet up with some of you if possible. TTFN "Harold" Tea boy:toast: Cheers
It's a pleasure to meet another T Bucketeer from across the pond. Make yourself at home and remember, we REALLY dig checkin' out pics, so post 'em when ya can!:lol:
Welcome to the site Harold! It's always cool to hear the history of a T bucket. I too have always revered Tom's track T. It caused a big stur in the T bucket community when that issue of Rod & Custom hit the news stands. Steve Davis did some wonderfull sheet metal fabrication on that car.

Hope to hear from you often.

Welcome Harrold from another Brit.

I can't remember seeing your car at any of the shows I've been to, look forward to seeing some pictures. Where abouts are you?

Pete t i live in N.E. Hampshire bin off road for a wile had a mate run in to the back of t in his daily driver on the way back from the Supernats in traffic at Stevenage Building a house at the moment but it will be at Wheelsday at Easter . I have sin your about .Did you no there is a t NR Camberley Surrey witch is the same colors as yours i see it at Wheelsday 2 years ago.It was on trade plates .I think it come of ebay in the states. but not shore.
Welcome Harold. :D
Harold I have seen the other T with similar colours to mine...

Hopefully catch up with you at one of the shows. See if you can get some photo's posted soon, I'm sure everyone would be interested to see :D.


And :D to you Harold. Welcome aboard friend.


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