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Not the Dolly I wanted to meet!


Well, ain't no crusin in the bucket today in South Texas, Dolly is just about on top of us! Just picking up the first rain bands. Wind is about 25 with gusts to 44. The T is up on the jackstands in case the water gets deep. Maybe 6 to 8 inches of rain expected with some areas maybe 15. Hunkered down and waiting it out.


McAllen, Texas
Living in Southwest Florida, I can appreciate what you guys are going through. Hope you fare well. :D Hurricanes are weird animals, my GF and I stayed home through Charlie and watched my boat rocking and rolling in the canal behind the condo. It was a 27 footer, and I thought it was going to sink a few times right there in the canal. These storms are awesome to experience.

Good luck to all in it's path.

Thanks Guys. So far, so good. Winds still steady about 30 gusts about 48 and only 1/2 inch of rain . Area's near the eye seeing 100 and a bunch more rain. That's at South Padre, hope it slows down by the time it gets about 65 miles inland to us. Thinks it's going to dump some rain later. Wouldn't even want to imagine what that was like on your boat donsrods. This one might not even wake you guys up out of a nap!



McAllen, Texas
Stay safe, Dale. Here in Houston, all we're getting is some much needed rain. Not good for cruisin', but good for the lawn. The clouds are keeping the temps down to the low 90's, but the humidity has the heat index in the high 90's and maybe even +100 this weekend.

I miss being stationed in SoCal.:sad:
Good luck and best wishes to you guys down there. Hope you all fare well.

Oddly enough, I'm supposed to go down to Corpus Christi and McAllen tonight.

A good T shirt would be, "Hello, Dolly: July 23, 2008"
Good luck to you folks in McAllen from coastal South Carolina. We pray y'all don't get torn up too bad.

Hey Butch you gonna be at The Telegraph Cruise Saturday?
Thanks for all the good wishes guys. We seem to have made it through pretty well. Had about 8 inches of rain at my house and some gusts to about 70. The wind did snap off several of the posts on my back yard privacy fence and lay part of it over. The house and outside vehicles ( the T has the garage to itself) came out ok. Power was off about ten hours but we fired up the generator for that.
TubT did you make your run down here yet? Hope you missed all the festivities. I like the Idea for the T-shirt. May have to look into that.

Thanks All

McAllen, Texas

"Not the end of the line but you can see it from here"
Yeah, I made it to Corpus just before midnight on Thursday, then to McAllen just about 4 a.m. Made my drop-and-hook, then went a little ways up 281 to the TA and slept my required time off.

I DID see a little flooding, and some trees down, but the power was on and everything I dealt with was working.

In fact, life was a whole lot more normal than Michigan after a 2-foot snowfall (and I've seen that up there, too!).

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