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Now thats more like it.


Well the lake headers are off for modification and the new speedway sprints are on. One question does the muffler just go in the extention or in the collector and slide the extention on????????
The muffler slides into the extension not the collector. At least that is the way mine went together.

you dont need to worry about those lakesters... i know a good home in Texas they could reside at :rofl: Those sprints do look might fine!!!
DH if i decide to get rid of um i will make u a deal.
DH pm me and we will talk about it.
yes that will be a big plus but once the wife touches her leg on it im sure the rules will change.
very nice rooster.....what size are your front rims?

15 by 5 std offset if i remember right .
And the tire size?
Mike in ep
P195/60r15 got um on the tirerack for 39.00 each and 25.00 shipping
I searched the website a bunch and finally turned them up last summer. I might have saved the link i will check.
I really like the look and they should work well in the event i need to stop if the road is wet
How about the rears Rooster, what are you running there?

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