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NTBA Nationals in Springfield, IL


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The NTBA Nationals kick off this week in Springfield, IL. There should be upwards of 100 T-buckets present, and they make quite a spectacle when they cruise en masse. Talk about rolling thunder . . . :eek::rolleyes::thumbsup: If you're in the area, stop by and say howdy!

Early birds.jpg
This parking lot will be full of T-buckets by week's end!
Sometimes things happen, even at the Nationals - oh well . . . there's enough gearheads around to fix almost anything! :geek::thumbsup:

Early bird garage.jpg
Looks like fun, send more pictures Spanky. I would hate to pull the heads from an engine of mine that far from home. The Nats must have some fantastic people.
Not just at the Nats', but the whole NTBA family pulls together when another member needs help. Look at some past events when bad things happened. Every body was safe and made it back home.Don't make me give examples, I have CRS about dates-Time-Events.
Yikes!, I've been in a down pour before and never had a problem. Wonder what the difference was?
Keep it coming. Only way UK'ers can be there. Thanks.
If the motor is running you are ok. If it sits and the counter sink around the hold down wingnut acts like a funnel and fills up
The hole with an intake open.
I guess that speaks volumes for a car cover!
The numbers are growing, up to 36 cars now. The official date for beginning is Thursday!

Earlies.jpg Earlies2.jpg
Cruising Springfield . . . destination . . . FOOD!

Spgfld cruisin.jpg Spgfld Kiwis.jpg
(Those Kiwis never saw pancakes like that in NZ! :laugh:)
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