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NTBA Nationals in Springfield, IL

Spanky & PotvinGuy at the NTBA Nats (he's the tall one). He drove his 'bucket down from Minnesota!

Keith Krogmeier gives assistance to Bob Barram from Texas, who has just fixed an oil leak on the Paddy Wagon by replacing valve cover gaskets. One problem: broke off a vc hold down bolt, requiring bolt extraction. This is typical buckethead-helping-buckethead behavior - a lot of that goes on at NTBA events!

20180616_094318.jpg 20180616_095727.jpg 20180616_095745.jpg

PS - Bob drove to Springfield from Texas in his Paddy Wagon!

PPS - According to Mike who bent the connecting rod, the downpour dumped a bunch of water into his breather as it ran off the car cover. A little depression on the breather acted like a funnel, and it went down into the valve cover near no. 8 cylinder on his SB Chevy (firewall, pass side). He was unaware of the water, and when he started it, no. 8 was at TDC; as soon as it went down on compression stroke, it sucked all the water into the cylinder, and then tried to compress it. Bingo!
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Was there any decision made about the location for next year's event?
Explanation about car cover , water , valve cover , etc. Makes NO sense IMO ...

Well . . . me either. I'm just telling you what I was told and saw. Strange things do happen . . . :confused:o_O
I can tell you that after pulling the head and oil pan and replacing the no. 8 rod & piston, it runs fine.
Theres no Kiwis who have seen pancakes that big. But being the good folk they are, those two wont have stopped till they they emptied their plates - well before the heartburn gets them
Hot Rod they neither one finished the first Pancake I have some photos somewhere...….I will find them.......
Here is the proof them Kiwis did not finish those pancakes......20180612_082449.jpg 20180612_081632.jpg
Im pretty disappointed in our guys efforts.

Dan (Burger Boy) rings me up from time to time to say its burger time and I havent yet seen him meet a burger he didnt want to get up and personal with. I would have backed him to nail that pancake and then to look ravenously for another one.

Now the two ladies are lovely.

I first met Al about 10 years back when we had just shifted cities - about 600 miles and to the other island, and he was at a burger run and I had a look at his bucket and asked if he raced it, as I had one also but it was still up on the other island. He told me his bucket ran a 12.5 and asked about mine, which I told him ran 10.5s with a 454. He asked why mine was so much faster than his and I explained it was a 454 with a 671 on it.

Next time I saw him was at the burger run the next month. He came up and told me he had bought a 671 for his bucket, so I figured he was my kind of hot rodder so we joined his hot rod club (Rodbenders) a few months later.

When we got to go racing, despite my car having run better times, he always beat me - usually his reaction time was way better than mine. So I upgraded my engine to a blown 540. With 4 lbs of boost it made 851hp and I ran my street car 9 second run.

At the NZ drag nats, I put the bucket into the concrete wall and that was the end of that. I dont think I ever beat Al to the other end of the quarter mile.

And after a while Dan (Burger Boy) harassed me for long enough till I sold him the partially repaired bucket. Some days I think I should buy it back but both Julie and my wife said we werent to keep trading it between ourselves.
And after a while Dan (Burger Boy) harassed me for long enough till I sold him the partially repaired bucket. Some days I think I should buy it back but both Julie and my wife said we werent to keep trading it between ourselves.

So, Todd, my man . . . why don't you just build another one? Since Dan is pondering a Kiwi chapter of NTBA, I'm certain you'll get lots of help! o_O;):thumbsup:
at drags.jpg Part of the trade for my bucket was a 27 T roadster that Dan got a good deal on. So I need to get that one done as my lovely wife wants a "nice cruiser" instead of another race car styled bucket.

Its now got the Australian 5.4 quad cam engine in it. Thats like the 5.4 Ford truck engine with factory fitted Cobra quad cam heads. About 350hp from the factory, and a 4 speed auto. My wife also doesnt think it needs a wing on the back of it, and a nose down race car attitude up front.
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That pikky was taken about 25 years ago (tho those front rims were on it when I got the car). Its currently undergoing a rebirth - the Ford motor is in, the rear guards got an extra 3 inches each side so I can fit 15*10 rims inside the guards and the 31 tall tyres completely fill the guard openings like they should. Rake is looking better and we have work to do to get the radiator back another two inches

Its on a modified Model A chassis with 1*1 ladder under it for strength and torsional rigidity.
Hey are any of you guys able to help me a bit?

The Ford motor I fitted has a real ugly intake manifold with the throttle body mounted off the left hand side. Ford have some later intakes that I can get an adaptor for, on their Cyclone engines, that will put the throttle body out the front where it will look balanced. But new they are about US$800 ($1200 here plus freight plus 15% taxes = a lot to make it look pretty and balanced)

The one I need is the Ford Racing or the Boss 302 manifold so either of the two on the right of the pikky. I figure that Mustang folk will upgrade past these and you might know somebody who might have one on the shelf, unused, unloved and ideal for my 27 roadster engine. If you do, let me know and Im happy to sort the $$ with the seller if it can be collected for me and I know its sitting there for collection.

Ford Intakes.jpg

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