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oil leak


I got a oil leak somewhere on the back of motor it runs down and drips off the block above the oil filter and looks like it comes down between the trans dust pan and the oil filter any ideas anyone ,not coming form intake or dist.
Is it a lot or a little? Possible rear seal?
rear seal is leaking too ,engine builder is going to take care of it ,when running for about 20 or 30 min i get a dollar bill size puddle under oil filter dripping off corner of block and a small puddle under trans torque conv pan
Could it be the valve cover gasket or oil pressure sender? However does the oil run down inside or outside the bellhousing?
Dusty, the only things back there to leak are; valve covers, intake manifold. dist, or oil pressure sender. I can't think of anything else.
VegasBruce said:
Dusty, the only things back there to leak are; valve covers, intake manifold. dist, or oil pressure sender. I can't think of anything else.

I have to agree with VegasBruce. it almost has to be either the valve covers, or oil pressure sender.
I would be interested to know where you find the leak at, ya got me curious now:lol:

good luck, please let us know.

It seems like the intake manifold is the source, if those lines are the flow. Interesting problem. :confused:
Jess: if Bobby did not put any RTV in the corners of the intake were the intake seals to the bottem corner of the head then it will leak. Joe
Because it seems to be running equally down both sides of the engine, my feelings are that it is coming from somewhere in the middle, up higher. My guess is the intake rear seal (did you use something like RTV to make a complete seal all the way across the back and front?) or the sender.

I would lay paper towels across that area and run the engine for a while and see what happens. When I got my 350 running I had a front seal leak, but it has gone away with a few miles on the car now.

That rear area is a little tricky sometimes to get a good seal on. One other possibility, now that I look at your pictures, the rear seal may be leaking and the flexplate is blowing the oil sideways and out of the seam between the block and bellhousing.

i did rtv the back of the vally but after running it for awhile i found most of my intake bolts were loose,re torqued them but no help, the the rear main is leaking and will have to be replaced,had 3 freeze plugs leaking also but they stoped on there own
Here's one for you - at each end of the block, there is a narrow strip leading from the deck surface up to the end rails of the block. Lay a strip of silicone on those areas before bolting on a head. There's no bolts in those areas, so the head is not getting tugged down there. And that area is open to the lifter valley, so there is an oil source available.

Be sure your valve cover breathers are working properly, as well. If not, the crankcase will pressurize and start pushing oil out of any weak sealing areas. Ever ran a motor really hard and noticed the dipstick was pushing up and out of the tube?

Toss intake manifold gasket end seals in the bin. Make sure those surfaces are all clean and dry (brake cleaner, acetone, lacquer thinner) and then lay on a healthy bead of silicone. But don't stop at the intake surface of the head, be sure to work some silicone into that corner and then make a light pass up onto the intake gasket. Let it set up a bit, before bolting on the intake.

Whilst silicone can be your best friend, remember it will not seal up surfaces that are already oil-covered.
found the problem ,pulled intake and not enough rtv on ends of intake used plenty this time and no more leaks now if i can get it to run smooth and not miss everything will be great

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