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old timer back


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I'm B.C. from over at Spirit. I posted a bit on this forum when it first started and am sure glad to see it is becoming quite active. I have not had much time to hang on the boards lately not even our own. I sure will make it a point to come over here more often. You all are doing a great job of promoting our hobby.
B.C. , I'm new here but I've heard some good things about you and your company. I'd like to talk to you some time. Stick around, I do beleive this is about to become THE place for T-bucket guys to gather.
Welcome back "old timer"
Thanks for stopping by! It's always a pleasure and a priviledge when someone in the industry pays us a visit.:lol:
I just ran across this forum. Nice set-up.
B.C. and GT63, it's good to see you gents back.

Some of the newer members aren't aware of this, but one year ago, the decision was made to pull the plug on this site, it was so deathly quiet. And now, we're really seeing some positive signs of growth. It's good to see it is finally starting to happen.

The more members we have and the more active those members are, the better the resource this site will become for everyone.
This is where the great minds meet! Glad that you are apart of it. Couldn't have had as good a time building my bucket with out all the help, and knowledge available.
The good thing about this site is you ask a question and you WILL get 5 different answers to which you pick the one that suits you and build on that or chuck-um all and go with you own idea.Any way there is NO wrong way to build your car.Just a bad and dangerous way.

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