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open source forum sofware..


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its called Simple Machines forums, its open source meaning free.. Mike you might want to check into it, seems like its pretty decent for a forum. has a gallery system, arcade, shoutbox. all kinda gizmo's i dont know how to use :laff:..

would probably beat paying for those liscenses, especially if your paying for a hosting package plus the liscenses

heres link to a free hosted forum i put up lastnight..

Yeah, I co-admin an SMF forum. It's probably one of the better open source packages out there. MyBB tops the open source list, in my not-so-humble opinion.

I was actually considering open source projects for this site and had narrowed down the field to MyBB or a WordPress MU/BuddyPress installation. I'm giving some consideration to a new project and I think WPMU/BP is what i will use for it.

I have used/tested/still use/still test about all the open source packages out there. Security is the number one reason I opt for commercial packages. Remember the old days of phpBB2 when eight-year old children could crack a site in about 5 minutes? :)

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