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Opinions on posi?


Looks like I may have a bad pinion bearing in the S10 rear thats going under my T.:sad:

It's a peg leg diff now, but I have a posi unit out of a Camaro 7.5. It's the right series for my 3.73 gears and the spline count is right(28), so it should install OK. Now would be a good time, since I have to tear it down anyhow.

I'm wondering about how such a light, relatively high HP car will drive with a posi rear? I know my straight line will be better, but what about going around corners? I'm worried about understeer(push) in curves or getting squirrely in sharp turns. I know it will be a handful in the wet.

Anybody have any opinions or info to share?

This is the posi unit I have.



once a true posi looses traction the rear is loose especially when wet and in a corner. most end up on the curb. limited slip is the way for me and ime running alot of never know when your going to hit a slick spot mike
Man! That was quick!

Actually this is a limited slip(Auburn cone type), so I guess calling it a posi unit was misleading.


Mike: I have one of these in my 7.625 S10 Blazer rear on my '27 (3.73 also). It should work great on a lightweight T. You should have no issue with turns etc.
i am running a power lock in my just have to learn how to drive with it. i dont nail it in a curve. :razz:
A big factor with running a posi is how big are your rear tires? If you run tires like mine 31X18 you will have some handling issues it will want to go straight in corners.Small tires trying to take over two large tires that want to go straight.Rain and a corner could get ugly with a real posi limited slip should help just be careful in your first rain.
You should have no problems with that limited slip in a bucket. Some after market ones will push with a light weight rod. They are made to hold harder for more traction but the factory ones will release faster so you don't feel them at parking lot speeds. And yes I would replace it if I had to go in the axle already. Just make sure to check the back lash before you remove the gear and set it back to the same once you replace the carrier.
Hotrod46 said:
Anybody have any opinions or info to share?

I have a limited slip in mine... corners fine, after a long stretch on the freeway... when I get off the ramp and turn hard left or right... I can fell the limited slip break loose... so it seems to work fine... In rain... be VERY careful!
I have a 4:10 Eaton unit in my S-10 rear in my T. I drive rather hard and enjoy hard cornering and have not experienced any problems. So I say, go for it.
i have the camaro 7.5 in mine with 373 gears and factory locker.i havent had any problems with a matter of fact i have only felt the locker kick in once when i goosed it a bit after turning the corner at the end of the of the time when i hit the gas it is almost instanly going to fast to break the tires loose.havent been brave enough to realy try yet lol.
I want to thank everyone that replied. Good info! I don't any experience with a car this light.

Right now I'm leaning toward putting it in. If I don't like it, I can always go back!

Thanks again.


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