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Since you are the only one i know i live around from this forum. I thought you might just be able to help me.

I am in need for a Carb/carbs Specialist. I need someone that can adjust a dual carb setup. A qiuck desciption: When I floor it she gets all bogged down. If i back off and hit it again she goes. Basicly, I need a big tune up.

If anyone else knows someone that is GREAT with carbs and lives in the South Jersey area, please feel free to chime in.

Thanks in advance for any help from anyone.

sorry sticky can't helpy,I had the same problem with my 70 nova that i had a tunnel ram set up on.never could get it just right.I know that i did fart with the mixture,seemed better JJ
sorry about the name...... everytime I put a "Y" instead of a "S". The worst is i think about it before I type and and still get it wrong.

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