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painting engine and rearend


I am waiting on my frame and all the accessories to come back from powder coat. Gloss Black. But i was wondering what is the best paint to paint the engine with . Then the rearend any ideas . I know hi heat for the engine . I can spray the rearend but what kind of paint Base coat CC ?? enamel give me some ideas of things u guys have used that look good.
I just used acrylic enamel (OMNI) on the chassis of my 31A. It worked well for me, I'd do it again.

Don't know how I forgot about the engine paint, I used the POR15 system. It was great, time consuming but great. It stayed on the 3 years I had it done. Also saw pics of it 5 years after I sold it and still looks good.
I just used the same PPG paint I did the body with... same primer, sealer, color, and then clear... After over 4000 miles on the car, engine looks the same as the day I finished painting it. Also, while I didn't smooth the block, I did spend some time with a Dremel and get after all the casting lines prior to painting...
Thanks guys i will take your advice.
powdercoated mine and no chips like paint. Just gotta make sure you get a good powdercoater that knows what to blast and not blast. Mine was an idiot and blasted my alum heads completely. Had to get them resurfaced. Will never go back to him, wonder why?

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