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Panhard barz?????

chopper tom

I need some ideas on how to mount my panhard bar on my s-10 rear end ?
Some pics may be required!!!!!
I seen some welded to the cast center and wondered what would be the best way to weld to that ,i dont like the thought of useing a mig on cast ,will a 7018 stick rod work better ?
I wanna keep it simple as possible.
I seen Tfeverfreds was welded to the center also [i think]?
I have used S-10 rears in several bucket. I just made 2 longer tabs aabout 4" tall and welded them to the top of the axle tube. Then went inside the frame on the opposite side and welded 2 short tabs. Worked out just fine.

By the way I make panhard bars if you need a tube threaded both left and right handed.
The longer the bar the better. I weld a tab as far out on the axle as I can then a tab on the frame on the opposite side frame rail. Sometimes I need a small bend to clear the pumpkin.
i do the same, make the panhard bar as long as possible, and i make sure the panhard is setting level when the car is at driving weight...

you can weld on the center section of the rearend, pretty sure they are cast steel instead of cast iron, there is a difference. i know a block welds alot different than a rearend center..

i always weld the tubes while i'm down there messing with a panhard bar or ladder bar mount, usually i'll run a bead about an inch long in 3 places around the tube to keep them from spinning.. this has usually been on a ford 8.8 rear and a couple of dana rears, same would go on the s-10 rear... i had one 8.8 a couple years ago spin on a car i worked on , so since then i started welding them..
note that I didnt have alot of room to mount much of anything. I originally built the car with a leaf spring in the back and changed to coil overs. I also didnt have any plans to build from so my chassis is probably different then most everyone elses.

Anyhow, here is my design in mockup before I cut everything extra off and welded everything solid. My hemi puts of a ton of torque and so far it has kept the car straight upon acceleration (at least keeps the frame and rear end car has a tendancy to spend alot of time sideways.)


if I have to do it again I will probably run an identical bar to the other side.
thanks for the info guys !
RPM, can i have you number[e-mail me if need be] i may need some bars or at least the bare to tap. can you give me some info and prices of some of the stuff that you make for t-buckets ?
I'm useually on a tight budget and i make as much as possible but some times i just have to buy stuff and the price of metal is making it to where its just cheeper to buy stuff already made sometimes.
Chop, don't put 2 of these on if you're talking about running one to each side. The first big bump is going to shear the bolts at the center mount. A longer one will give you a better ride and handling.


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